Enable your respondents with new tools

To increase productivity and autonomy, iAdvize allows you to give your respondents more tools that will appear on their conversation panel:

- their indicators, to monitor and improve their performance

- their snoozed conversations, to re-open them during their free time and complete their answers

- Smart summary, which offers them an AI-generated summary of previous exchanges

- their closed conversations, to analyze and improve themselves.


These features are enabled by default, only administrators can activate them one by one for a whole project. Here's how:

1. Find your settings

1.1 Closed or paused conversations

You can access the "Engagement" > “Settings” > “Privacy” section > “Agent access to indicators” and / or "Agent access to closed conversations" and / or "Agent access to snoozed conversations"



NB: This feature's toggle is deactivated by default; agents won't see anything related to their indicators, closed or snoozed conversations unless you decide to activate the feature. More information.

NB: By giving access to snoozed conversations, respondents and ibbü experts will be able to see the details of their paused conversations in a specific page of their console and mobile application. They will be able to reopen a snoozed conversation before the visitor returns or before the time limit expires.


1.2 Manual notes and/or smart summary

You can also activate manual notes and smart summary in the administration area.

Go to > "Engagement" > "Settings" > "Privacy".



2. Select indicators

You can individually decide which indicators you want to display to your agents among the following list:

  • Conversations
  • Average handling time
  • Average response time
  • Average first response time
  • CSAT
  • NPS
  • Turnover
  • Number of transactions
  • Average order value
  • Conversion rate

You can see how these indicators are calculated in this article: Definition of indicators


You can also decide whether you want these indicators to be displayed in a widget within the conversation panel ("quick view of the indicators within the desk": daily indicators displayed in real-time), and/or in a separate dashboard ("Indicators visible from the desk", indicators displayed in detail and according to different periods).

To learn more about agents and their indicators, you can check the dedicated article: Agents, follow your indicators

All selected indicators will be activated by client ID, so all your projects will automatically benefit from this feature; in short, all agents working on different projects will have an overview of their work.
Then, click on save to confirm your settings.
To go further: a practical sheet is available for your agents