[Beta] Google Business Messages: introduction

iAdvize now allows you to interact with your audience directly from the many entry points of the Google ecosystem. This article summarizes the features currently available. You can also find the details of the features in the article dedicated to the functional scope of Google Business Messages, and in the general table of channels available on iAdvize.

1. Entry points

You can currently engage in conversation from the following entry points:

  • Google Maps: users can chat directly from a shop listing (same location as the "call" button).
  • Google Search: users can chat directly from the summary card displayed in the search results.
  • On your mobile site, by presenting a button dedicated to visitors using Android (this button must be developed according to Google documentation).  

2. Applications

Google Business Messages is compatible with the following iAdvize features: 

  • Geo-routing to assign conversations from a shop card to respondents in that shop.
  • Bots, to automate a conversation scenario, with the possibility of transferring to a human respondent. On Google Business Messages, a visitor can interrupt the bot's script and ask to speak to a human at any time.
  • it is also possible to combine these functionalities by using a geo-routing map in a bot scenario.
  • you can also offer your interlocutors a carousel of images and links directly in the conversation.

3. Launch

This messaging channel is currently in beta for Advize users. You can join this beta to offer this service to your audience; to do so, please contact your usual iAdvize contact.