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The customer contact details automatically filled

The visitor records are automatically saved after a conversation with a new visitor.

The visitor records contain different types of information about the visitor like his name or surname. If this information is already available on your website (logged-in area) then the visitor records can be filled in automatically thanks to custom data. 

1/ Available variables

To do so, you'll have to add Javascript custom data on your website. The variables will have to respect the following nomenclature: 

Name of the variable Type of variable Description
cust_name text Name of the customer
cust_firstname text First name
cust_address text Adress
cust_zipcode text ZIP code
cust_city text City
cust_country text Country
cust_phonenumber text Phone number
cust_email text Email address

IMPORTANT : It is mandatory to have a unique value for each visitor.

Then, if you do not have access to this info, the field must be empty.


2/ Javascript code to be installed on your website

Here is the javascript code that you will have to install on your website to fill in all the variables automatically :

<script type="text/javascript">
var idzCustomData = {
"cust_address":"Advertising agency",
"cust_city":"New York City",
"cust_country":"United States",

Note :

  • It won't be necessary to create the custom data within the iAdvize back office, except if you wish to use them for the behavioral targeting. 
  • The data taken here are examples. They will have to be replaced by your customer's data.

3/ Display this information 

Once the JS code has been installed correctly, you'll then be able to find the information here :

  • In the profile part that can be found on the right side of the chat window while an agent is chatting with a visitor.

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