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The customer contact details automatically filled

The visitor records are automatically saved after a conversation with a new visitor.

The visitor records contain different types of information about the visitor like his name or surname. If this information is already available on your website (logged-in area) then the visitor records can be filled in automatically thanks to custom data. 

1/ Available variables

To do so, you'll have to add Javascript custom data on your website. The variables will have to respect the following nomenclature: 

Name of the variable Type of variable Description
cust_name text Name of the customer
cust_firstname text First name
cust_address text Adress
cust_zipcode text ZIP code
cust_city text City
cust_country text Country
cust_phonenumber text Phone number
cust_email text Email address

IMPORTANT : It is mandatory to have a unique value for each visitor.

Then, if you do not have access to this info, the field must be empty.


2/ Javascript code to be installed on your website

Here is the javascript code that you will have to install on your website to fill in all the variables automatically :

<script type="text/javascript">
window.idzCustomData = {
"cust_address":"Advertising agency",
"cust_city":"New York City",
"cust_country":"United States",


  • It won't be necessary to create the custom data within the iAdvize back office. Except if you wish to use them for the behavioral targeting, or if you don't want to display them to the agents (on the conversation panel).
  • The data taken here are examples. They will have to be replaced by your customer's data.

3/ Where this information is displayed in iAdvize? 

Once the JS code has been installed correctly, you'll then be able to find the information here :


  • In the profile part that can be found on the right side of the chat window while an agent is chatting with a visitor.



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