Introduction to the iAdvize Zendesk App

Available on the iAdvize Premium Market Place, the iAdvize Zendesk App will allow you to link the iAdvize Messenger conversations with your Zendesk organisation through the creation of Zendesk tickets.

Your agents and ibbü community will still respond to your visitors on their usual iAdvize desk. You will have two options to set the ticket escalation.

The first option allows you to get all your visitors touch points into Zendesk by autosaving all the iAdvize messenger conversations into
‘solved’ tickets. If the visitor email address is recognized on Zendesk, the ticket will be linked to the visitor’s profile. If it is not, a new visitor profile will be created.

The visitor email address can be recognized on iAdvize through a bot, a customdata integrated on your site, or, more easier, it can be recognized in the conversation.

The second option allow your agents or ibbü community to raise an ‘open’ ticket thanks to an option to check at the end of the conversation. They will also have to choose the action required and they will be able to complete the ticket with the order ID and a comment. Like the autosave option, the ticket will be linked to the visitor profile. 

Note that both options can be activated without duplicate: if the agent escalate a ticket, the autosave will not create one.

Natively, the tickets include:
  • the conversation transcript on the ticket text,
  • the conversation URL and ID and the agent comment on the private text,
  • the iAdvize tag on the ticket fields.

If you have an Enterprise Zendesk plan or more, you will be able to choose the form of your tickets and also, you will be able to personalize your ticket fields with the iAdvize fields below in order to create specific reportings and dashboards:
  • agent first and last name
  • site country where the conversation happened
  • engagement campaign ID
  • conversation ID
  • conversation tags
  • net promoter score (NPS)
  • customer satisfaction (Csat)
  • comments
The installation of this app is done in few clicks, you can find more details on it in the implementation guide here. 

If you are thinking about installing our Zendesk App, please contact your Account Manager or CSM.