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Zendesk App installation guide


1. Find the Zendesk app in the iAdvize Market Place

⚠️ Note that if you implemented iAdvize on several websites, you have to install the Zendesk app on each one of them.

First, log in to the iAdvize platform as an administrator and click on the Apps tab.

Then, select the Zendesk card to launch the installation of the app on your website.



2. Authentificate the Zendesk App

You have to fill in the information below to install your Zendesk app. You iAdvize main contact will send you the iAdvize API keys.


  • Zendesk API Key: you can generate a token directly from your Zendesk administration.
  • The iAdvize API key for the Rest API
  • Zendesk domain: It should have the following pattern: https://[yoursubdomain] This is your Zendesk subdomain
  • Zendesk email: this is the email used to administrate the Zendesk subdomain associated with your Zendesk app.
  • iAdvize token for the graphQL API


3. Choose the options to escalate the iAdvize Messenger conversations into Zendesk tickets

3.1 Option 1: Autosave all the iAdvize messenger conversations

To automatically record all the conversations, you just have to activate the automatic conversation recording toggle.

The ID of the ticket form is then requested. For automatic registration, please do not fill in the ticket creation form with other user fields than the subject and body of the ticket. Otherwise, no tickets will be created. 

3.2 Option 2: Agents choose the conversation to escalate to a zendesk ticket

To allow your agents and/or experts to escalate a ticket, you just need to enable the escalation toggle.
  • Input field customization: when agents escalate a ticket, they can add a private note
  • The Zendesk form ID (mandatory)
⚠️ Note that both options can be activated without duplicate: if the agent escalate a ticket, the autosave will not create one.

4. Specific Zendesk reporting

Depending on your Zendesk plan, you can add the iAdvize fields below into your Zendesk ticket fields. The Zendesk fields will be populated automatically.
Name of the field
Data filled in automatically by the app
iAdvize Agent
Agent's first and last name who handled the conversation
iAdvize Country
Website country where the conversation took place
iAdvize Campaign
Engagement campaign which triggered the conversation
iAdvize Conversation ID
Conversation ID