Functional Scope: In-app Messaging V2

Discover the functional scope of iAdvize Messenger's In-app Messaging feature.

This feature of iAdvize Messenger allows you to chat with your mobile apps
(iOS &Android) users thanks to the mobile SDK. Your visitors can reach you even when your teams are unavailable and are immediately notified on their phone as soon as they get an answer. 


Conversation flow speech balloon

Create a unique connection with your customers on their most personal device (Android & iOS) with mobile SDK V2.

  • Allow customers to reach you via in-app messaging and get notified via push notifications when they get an answer
  • In-app messaging features include: proactive bots, rich content, cross-device continuity thanks to customer authentication, merge with chat targeting and routing (Audience targeting, engagement only if operators are available, engagement according to places in the conversation queue)

As a brand app user...

check mark button I can: 
  • Be engaged if there is availability (online agent or slot in the conversation queue, depends of Brands strategy)
  • If my conversation is attached to a queue > 0:
    • If I am in a fully authenticated flow and I am authenticated, the modifications will be attached to my account, so applicated to the desktop chatbox (and vice versa)
  • Begin my conversation with a bot
  • Receive rich content from the bot (images, attachements, emoji, generic card)
  • Receive rich content from the operator (images, attachements, emoji)
  • Send a message from my app and retrieve the conversation history at any time
  • Start a conversation from an iPhone or Android phone and continue it on an iPad or Android tablet, if I’m logged in to my account
  • Find on the chatbox of the mobile application the history of my exchanges made on the livechat, if I’m logged in to my account and if I was logged during my web session
  • Be notified about new incoming messages when I’m on the app (notification are triggered on all devices where the visitor is connected)
  • Be notified about incoming messages when I’m not on the app (via push notifications), even if I have deactivated the push notifications from the app
  • Dismiss the chatbox and continue to browse on the app without having to end the conversation. I can return to the Chatbox and continue my conversation by touching the floating or fixed button (depending on how the chat is integrated in the app)
  • Send rich content: images & files
  • See the standard avatar from the company
  • Be automatically on my new V2 application via the update of the V1 application
  • Fill in a satisfaction survey
    • Supported: CSAT, NPS, Free comments
    • Not supported: Custom binary question
  • See typing indicators while the operator is writing
  • I can start a conversation by video with the brand in its app (beta)

I can’t
  • Access the settings panel
  • Be notified by email
  • Close the floating button

As an administrator...

check mark button I can:
  • Configure bots to chat conversations and associate them to Chat targeting campaign and associated routing
  • Choose the max number of conversation slots for chat which include conversations on chat (desktop) and also on mobile app
  • Define a maximum number of conversations in my conversation queue. As soon as this limit is reached, there will not be any new incoming conversations.
  • Use the routing groups to route the conversations to the right group of agents using Targeting Campaign
  • See my statistics in the Reports area with the filter “compared by” targeting rules or routing rules which I have previously named with the label “Mobile app” 
  • Monitor transactions after chat
NB: To set up my mobile apps push certificates(Android/iOS), please contact your CSM
 prohibited I can’t
  • Customize the visitor experience from the Administration platform (notifications and chatbox builder)
  • Choose when to display the chat button via a targeting strategy in the Administration platform 
  • See my statistics in the Reports area with data dedicated to my app and the distinction between iOS and the Android app
  • Differentiate revenue tracking for the website and the mobile app

As an agent or an expert on the conversation panel...

check mark button I can:
  • See conversations from mobile apps in push mode in the conversation panel 
  • See if the visitor is online on the mobile app or has his app closed 
  • Authenticate visitors to make sure they are the person they pretend to be (we rely on the in-app customer log-in system)
  • Set myself in "unavailable mode" on chat conversations (livechat and mobile app) in order to stop receiving mobile app conversations
  • Transfer, snooze a conversation from mobile app
  • Use the translation tool for conversation from mobile app
  • Add tags on conversation on mobile app in progress or ended 
  • Send rich content: images, files, product offer, pre-registered link (except for experts on the ibbü app)
  • See the device of the visitor
  • Send deeplinks and set them as pre-registered links
  • I can have a conversation through video with a brand app user (beta)
prohibited I can’t
  • See how many pending conversations there are in the waiting list
  • See the mobile screen of the visitor (mirroring)
  • Take the control of the visitor navigation on mobile app (co-browsing)
  • Block a visitor on mobile app
  • See what the visitor is typing

As a developer/integrator...

check mark button I can:
  • Activate the GDPR consent message, customize the wording and add a link which will be accessible in webview
  • Access a technical and functional Open Source documentation to configure the mobile SDK
  • Fully integrate the mobile SDK with my own webdesign requirements
    • I can use the standard template or design my own floating button
    • I can set the conversation main color. This will also affect the color of the chat button (only for the default chat button), text bubbles and CTA button to send messages
    • I can define the content of the first automatic message sent to your users. This automatic message aims at inviting your users to start a conversation (note: the integrator has to manage translations)
    • I can choose the position of the chat button on the mobile app
    • I can choose the channel to display to the brand user app : chat or video (beta)
  • Choose when and where to display the chat button depending in routing rule availability
  • Configure the Darkmode and allow the visitor to benefit from it in his conversation window
prohibited I can't
  • /
OS supported: 
  • iOS 12 and plus
  • Android API 19 and plus