Functional scope: conversation queues


iAdvize now offers you a new way to engage with online visitors, even if no agent or expert is available. Setting up conversation queues allows this asynchronous mode.
This article provides a clear overview of this new feature.


1/ Setting up conversation queues

✅ I can:
  • Open visitors' conversations in any conversation queues, whichever the routing group associated with them. I can therefore engage with visitors even if my agents or experts are busy or offline.
  • Define a specific number of conversation slots for each conversation queue associated to routing groups:
    • 0: no conversation queue. It will work in a synchronous way: visitors will be engaged with only if agents are available to answer in real-time.
    • 1 or greater: conversation queue is enabled. It will work in an asynchronous way: visitors will be engaged with only if there are available slots in the queue.
i.e. I can ask to receive up to 50 conversations transferred to the waiting list associated with my routing group entitled "PRO - TV".
  • Continue to choose when to display the chat button using a targeting strategy.
  • Set up bots to start conversations, qualify them and then escalate them to human agents whose routing rules are set up with a conversation queue (=asynchronous mode).
  • Customise the automatic message sent to visitors:
    "👋Hi there! Leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you don't have a quick reply, come back later, the team typically replies in a few hours!
⚠️ No conversation queue attached to a bot. The bot aim is to have conversations in real-time. Therefore, the conversation queue must be set to 0 for rule that route incoming conversations to bot.
❌ I can't:
  • Define a number of available slots for each agent to handle asynchronous conversations. Conversation queues limits are defined per distribution group.
  • Choose to show your agents' average response time or their position in the waiting list to visitors.  

 2/ Supervision & reports

✅ I can:
  • See the number of pending conversations in real time - Production report
  • See the number of pending conversations for each routing group in real-time - Production Report
  • See the number of snoozed conversations in real-time - Production report
  • See the number of conversations in progress in real-time - Production Report
  • See the max waiting time per routing group in real-time - Production Report
  • See the number of conversations closed throughout the day in real-time - Production report
  • See the number of conversations closed over the period - Conversations Report
  • See the list of conversations closed over the period - Conversations Report
  • See the median first reply time for conversations closed over the period - Customer Experience Report
  • See the median resolution time of conversations handled over the period (waiting time included) - Customer Experience Report
  • See the average handling time (the average time during which a conversation has been open on an agent's conversation panel) - Contacts - Activity Report & Contacts - Responsiveness Report




✅ I can:
  • See asynchronous conversations arrive on my conversation panel in push mode (just like real-time conversations do).
  • Quickly notice whether visitors are still online on the brand website or if they are offline thanks to a little dot displayed on the status boxes.
  • See past conversations the brand has had with the visitor displayed in the conversation thread. 
  • Snooze a conversation if I think the conversation is not over yet and the visitor still needs to answer some of my messages.
  • Receive conversations which have been previously snoozed by either myself or other professional customer service agents:
    • when the visitor has sent a new message before the end of the snooze period.when the snooze period is over.
  • In such cases, a message appears in the conversation thread to inform me that the conversation has previously been snoozed.
  • Handle asynchronous conversations just like I handle real-time conversations, that is to say, use the following features:
    • sending images, links, offers, files and emojis
    • using Mirroring and Co-browsing
    • using the translation tool (only for professional operators)
    • using canned answers
    • blocking a visitor
    • tagging a conversation when ending it
    • transferring a conversation to an operator of the same distribution group than me, even if he is not available 
    • transferring a conversation to a specific skill (that is to say, another routing rule)
❌ I can't:
  • Prioritize messages sent by visitors which are now available online
  • Open the page which visitors are currently looking at if they are no longer on the brand's website
  • View my visitors' browsing information if they have left the brand's website 



✅ I can:
  • Start a conversation on the brand website even if no agents are available to answer me in real-time. 
  • Receive an answer in real-time to my first message if there's no more conversations in the queues and an agent is available to handle my request. 
  • See the following message as soon as the chat box opens (example):
    “👋 Hi there! Leave us a message and we'll get back back to you as soon as possible. If you don't have a quick reply, come back later, the team typically replies in a few hours!
  • Minimise the chat box after sending my message (minimised state), continue browsing on the website and see a dot displaying the number of new messages the agent sent me.
  • Close the chatbox in the minified state if no ongoing conversations are taking place or when the agent closes the conversation on his side.
  • Leave my e-mail address so as to be notified as soon as I receive an answer
  • Leave the brand website after sending my message, come back (a few hours, days, etc.) later and find out that I received an answer thanks to a dot displaying the number of new messages sent by the agent on the minimised chat box.
  • Find my conversation history in the chat box.
  • Complete the satisfaction survey at the end of a conversation (the new CSAT/NPS surveys included).
  • Hide my conversation history
❌ I can't
  • End an ongoing conversation.
  • Retrieve my conversation history switching from one device to another if I am NOT logged into my account.
  • Receive a text message notification when I receive an answer from an agent. 


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