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Functional scope - the iAdvize Messenger

iAdvize now offers you the opportunity to improve your visitors' conversational experience with a new chat box that meets the current design codes of the messaging apps you and your customers use.
This article aims at providing you with a clear overview of this first version functional scope.

1/ Chat box format

  • 400x650px is the format of the new chat box. This format aims at providing visitors with an enhanced conversational experience.
  • This new chat box is responsive, optimising it for any display resolutions, on any devices, especially smartphones where the chat box is in full screen.



2/ Chat button

  • We have created a new chat button in bubble format when the chatbox is minimised.
  • We display the number of new agent messages using a dot.


3/ New conversation thread

  • The following elements have been redesigned:
    • The chat bubbles for both agents and visitors
    • The display of emojis for more visibility 
    • The animation displayed when a respondent writes a message
    • The display of the conversation's start date
    • The display of rich contents (images, attached files, links, ...)


4/ Persistence

  • We display the history of past conversations and of the conversation in progress.
  • Messages informing you of the beginning and end of the conversation disappear.


5/ A new text input field

  • The text input field is now automatically extended as you write your message.
  • When sending messages, you have access to an emoji panel.


6/ Access panel settings

  • The settings panel is available from the area at the top of the chat box.
  • You have fields to fill in visitors' e-mail addresses and allow them:
    • to receive the conversation history via email
    • to be notified by e-mail when agents wrote a new message whilst visitors were offline (asynchronous chat)
  • You have access to GDPR information.
  • You can hide the history of active and past conversations.


7/ Removal of the closing cross icon

  • Visitors can no longer close a conversation. Now, they can only minimise the chat box. The chat box will now disappear if agents close a conversation after visitors complete the satisfaction survey or start browsing a new web page.


8/ WCAG AA compliance (accessibility)

  • The new chat box is accessible to all users, including disabled persons, regardless of the device used (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) or conditions of use (noise level, lighting, etc.)


⚠️ Important
  • The following elements can be customised:
    • The main colour (visitors' messages background, header, minimised version of the button) and the secondary colour (sending icon, quick reply)
    • Automatic messages contents (opening messages, error messages, ...)
  • The following conditions must be met prior to the new chatbox activation:
    • New notifications will have to created
    • The new satisfaction survey must be 100% implemented (or none at all)