Apple Messages for Business (AMB) - Beta - Functional scope

By integrating Apple Messages for Business into your customer service channels, give your customers a premium conversational experience!

There are currently 1.65 billion Apple users worldwide. These are very high value consumers: Apple users have an average shopping cart 3 times higher than Android users.

Now that Apple is opening its conversation channel, you have the opportunity to engage your valuable Apple user community directly.

iAdvize is now one of the official providers of Apple Messages for Business, an exclusive group of partners selected by Apple to launch brands on the application. This integration is available in private beta.

⚠️ You don't need to have a phone number to offer the Apple Messages for Business channel.

As a visitor

check mark button  I can :
  • Click on a chat button on the brand's website
  • Add the brand's phone number to my contacts and then start the conversation with the brand on iMessage
  • Search for the brand in my iPhone/iPad Search and then start the conversation (clicking on the button opens my iMessage application with a conversation window open with the brand)

  • Click on the messaging button in Apple Maps (clicking on the button opens my iMessage application with a conversation window)

  • Click on the phone number of the brand and be suggested to send a message instead of calling (feature "Message Suggest", accessible from iOS 13)

  • Use the pre-recorded message posted to engage in conversation with the brand
  • Have information on the brands thanks to the Business Profile

  • Send and receive images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF), PDF documents up to 5MB
  • Complete a satisfaction survey at the end of the conversation
cross mark  I can't
  • Be contacted directly by the brand
  • Receive audio media recorded by the agent
  • Receive a call (audio or video) from the agent
  • Have a group conversation including a brand
The language detected is that of the visitor's device (mobile or desktop), which conditions the bot's display.
In short: If the visitor is not in the bot's language, he will not be able to interact with it.

As an Agent,

check mark button  I can 
  • Manage an Apple Messages for Business conversation like any other conversation. The features of Apple Messages for Business on the console are the same as those of Facebook, Messenger,  SMS, Whatsapp
  • In other words:
    • I receive directly in "push" mode the Apple Messages for Business conversation on my desktop
    • I can snooze, transfer, close the AMB conversation
    • I can add tags to an AMB conversation in progress or at the end
    • I can send images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF), PDF documents of 5Mb max
    • I can use canned answers
    • I can use the translation tool
    • I can manage my availability on third party channels (2)
    • I can respond to AMB conversations from the SalesForce integrated console
(2) For more information to manage conversation from third part messaging apps ici.

cross mark
I can't
  • Like any conversation from third-party channels:
    • Send an offer or a pre-recorded link
    • Block a visitor
    • In Salesforce have the visitor record linked to the AMB account

As an Admin,

check mark button  I can 
  • Configure a responding bot on AMB
  • See which accounts are configured
  • The filters of the AMB channel reports. The reports concerned are:
    • Activity
    • Responsivness 
    • Presence 
    • Occupation 
    • Sales 
    • Customer experience
    • Live activity
    • Conversations
    • Insights
cross mark  I can't
  • Delete or add an account by myself
  • Customize my brand's business profile from iAdvize (I have to go to my Apple account)
  • Enable, disable or configure entry points like Maps, Search or Message Suggest in iAdvize (I have to go to my Apple account)



You can download the practice sheet below: