Check the correct integration of our tags on your website with iBookmark

This video explains how to check that iAdvize is well integrated into your website through iBookmark or your browser console.


You want to check that iAdvize is installed on your site ? With iBookmark, you can do it in 1 click!



Easy to configure

Screen_Shot_2019-12-05_at_16.05.41.png Add to favorites

Just drag & top the following link to your favorites from the landing page :

then click on it to launch it :)

ibookmark3.png Control your integration

You can browse your website to verify that iAdvize is properly installed. 

Screen_Shot_2019-12-05_at_16.06.26.png Send us a confirmation

After running tests on your website, you can send an email to your Succes Manager to warn him/her that everything works fine!