The iAdvize Playground makes your dev life easier

The iAdvize Playground is a tool for developers and integrators who want to develop apps with iAdvize. This tool allows you to test your apps quickly, test the iAdvize javascript callbacks and prototype your code. 


1. The features


  • Main Tag

You can initiate a conversation easily without having to integrate the iAdvize tag on a web page.


  • Transaction

This allows you to test an app that has to track the conversions.

Two methods are possible: you can be automatically set it before loading the iAdvize tag, or you can manually record a purchase during a conversation.


  • Custom data

The custom data feature allows you to record information to test your integration. If you want to develop an app with a CRM that automatically shows the client file if the visitor is logged to the website, this is where you will record the email or client ID. 


  • Load Tag

allows you to load the tags you set (main tag, transaction and custom data) on the iAdvize Playground page and initiate a conversation.


  • Navigate

The “Navigate” option allows you to choose the channel you want to test.


  • Reset visitor VUID

By clicking on ‘reset visitor’, the visitor unique ID is removed from your browser.


  • Share 

With this feature, you can share your settings through a URL.


  • JS Callbacks

You can test our Javascript callbacks and prototype your code. All the changes that you make will be automatically taken into account in your browser.


  • Logs

All the actions that happens into the iAdvize Playground from the tag loading are logged on this tab.



2. Setting up the iAdvize Playground

2.1 The iAdvize Platform settings


2.1.1 The Engagement settings

Before you can use the iAdvize Playground, you have to set your iAdvize account in the “Engagement” section:


  1. Create a notification in “Notifications & Chatbox” (more information here

  2. In “Campaigns”, create a test campaign with a test targeting rule. When you create your test targeting rule, choose the channel you want to test (more information here)

  3. Go to the “Routing” section, in the drop-down menu on the left choose “routing groups”  and create a routing group that includes your user account (more information here)

  4. Then go on “routing rules” and create a routing rule with the test targeting rule and your routing group (more information here)


2.1.2 Information to find in the iAdvize Platform to use the iAdvize Playground 

In order to use the iAdvize Playground, you need two information that you find under the ‘Project’ section on the right side of the screen: 


By hovering “insert this script” retrieve the site ID (SID) at the bottom left of the screen, you will also need the URL of the project. 


2.1.3 Open the agent desk 

To be able to initiate a conversation, go to the agent desk by clicking on “chat” at the top right of the screen.


On the top right of the desk, make sure that the channel you want to test is available (in green). If the channel you want to test is not displayed, check that it is not available in your user account (more information here).



2.2 Setting up the iAdvize Playground



  • Set up the playground (main tag, conversion tag, custom data, javascript code) 


  • Then click on “Load Tag” and “Navigate to” to choose the channel you want to test



Find the iAdvize Playground here