CCaaS & Call center solution

iAdvize integrates seamlessly with your Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution, highlighting key features and their respective benefits for a modern call center.


  • Synchronization of iAdvize Agent Status with CCaaS Status (Presence and Availability)
    - This feature allows for efficient management of agent availability by automatically synchronizing their status on the iAdvize platform with that of the CCaaS. This promotes better resource allocation and reduces client wait times.
    - Benefits: Automating the transition from calls to messaging and centralizing workforce management in a single tool optimizes agent occupancy, thereby increasing their productivity and the overall efficiency of the call center.


  • Display iAdvize Live Statistics in CCaaS Supervision
    - Integrating real-time statistics directly into the CCaaS supervision interface provides a comprehensive and instantaneous view of operational performance. This enables informed decision-making based on accurate data.
    - Benefits: The centralization and consolidation of supervision data into common dashboards for calls and messaging simplify the analysis and continuous improvement of services.


  • Integrate the Desk into the CCaaS Interface
    - Managing all communication channels within a single application enhances the agent's experience and increases their efficiency. Using iAdvize's UX/UI within the CCaaS solution ensures a smooth transition between different communication modes.
    - Benefits: Providing a complete and intuitive workspace for agents increases their productivity and offers a better user experience.


  • Display Historical and Contextual Client Data in the Customized Application
    - Accessing detailed information about past interactions and client context directly in the customized application improves agents' ability to provide personalized and effective service.
    - Benefits: This approach promotes a high-quality omnichannel customer experience, increases agent productivity by reducing the time needed to understand client needs, and improves overall satisfaction.


  • Record a Conversation in CCaaS
    - The ability to record conversations allows for in-depth analysis of exchanges with clients, which is essential for continuous service improvement.
    - Benefits: Centralization of historical and contextual data, improved customer experience through better understanding of previous interactions, and increased agent productivity through actionable insights.


  • Enable SSO Login
    - Simplifying the login process for employees via an SSO system not only enhances the user experience but also strengthens security by centralizing password management.
    - Benefits: Facilitating secure access to various applications necessary for agents, automating business processes, and reinforcing IT security.


Integrating a CCaaS solution with advanced features such as status synchronization, real-time statistics display, desk integration, access to historical and contextual data, conversation recording, and SSO login offers considerable benefits. These benefits include optimizing agent productivity, improving the customer experience, and more efficient security and process management. Adopting such a solution represents a crucial step towards operational excellence in modern call centers.