Ticketing solution

To improve the efficiency of queries and issues reported by your customers, iAdvize integrates with your ticketing solution, enhancing the positive impact of features on customer service and operational efficiency.



  • Record a Conversation in a Support Ticket

- This key feature allows capturing and archiving exchanges between customers and agents in individual support tickets. It ensures complete traceability of interactions, facilitating their tracking and resolution.

- Benefits: Centralizing interaction history enriches customer knowledge and supports an effective omnichannel service strategy. It increases agent productivity by providing them with all the necessary information to resolve issues quickly. Automating ticket management processes, such as the ticket lifecycle, assignment, and conversation tagging, reduces administrative management time and improves overall efficiency.


  • Display Historical and Contextual Client Data in the Custom Application

- Accessing detailed client information directly in the ticketing application allows for increased personalization of customer service. Agents have a comprehensive view of the customer journey, including previous interactions, preferences, and reported issues.


- Benefits: Offering an improved omnichannel customer experience and more effective problem resolution. The ability to personalize interactions according to each client's specific context increases satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, agent productivity is enhanced by instant access to relevant data, enabling them to respond more quickly and accurately.


  • Integrate the Desk into the CRM Interface

- Integrating the ticketing solution directly into the CRM interface creates a unified work environment for agents, allowing them to manage customer interactions without navigating between different platforms.

- Benefits: This integration provides a complete and optimized workspace, significantly improving agent productivity. Leveraging the UX/UI of advanced solutions like iAdvize desk, agents benefit from an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, reducing necessary training time and speeding up ticket processing.


  • Enable SSO Login

- The SSO feature simplifies secure access to the ticketing platform and other essential applications by allowing employees to use a single authentication method for all their work tools.

- Benefits: Simplifies daily management for employees by reducing barriers to accessing necessary tools. Centralizing password management enhances the security of company and customer data. Automating processes across multiple applications via SSO improves operational efficiency and reduces the risk of human error.


Adopting an integrated ticketing solution with these features transforms customer service management, providing companies with the tools needed to offer quick, personalized, and effective support. By centralizing customer data, automating processes, and providing an optimized workspace for agents, companies can not only improve customer satisfaction but also significantly increase the productivity of their support team.