Manage the chat behaviour when starting a conversation (pop-up alert, welcome message)

To maximise your responsiveness when handling chats and reduce the waiting time for visitors, you can set a default greeting message and be alerted of new incoming messages.


To configure the chat behaviour at the beginning of a conversation, go to "Engagement" then "Settings" tab and then "Chat > Starting a conversation".


1. Define a default greeting message

When the visitors send their first message, you can send them an automated response. This way, you let the speaker know that the request has been taken into account and that an agent is available to answer.

If you set-up this feature, make sure you clearly differentiate the message contents according to who will receive it: an agent or an ibbü/community expert.


You can insert dynamically the name or username of an agent (except IBBÜ and Community experts) in the message, by calling the tags {OP_name} or {OP_pseudo}. In this case, the name or username of the agent will appear in the auto-reply.

This automatic message is not taken into account in the responsiveness indicator "First message response time".


2. Be alerted of new incoming messages

So that you don't miss new incoming messages, you can enable sound and visual signals.

- Sound signals are configured with the HTML5 tag "audio". This tag is compatible with all browsers supported by iAdvize solution.

- Visual signals are configured with the Web Notification protocol. This technology is compatible with modern browsers who support HTML5.
Here an article who describe how to configure your browser with iAdvize Web Notification.

⚠️ Regardless of the browser, it is necessary to click on the conversation panel at least once before the first conversation arrives, so that the browser can play sound.