Measure customer satisfaction at the end of your conversations


The form allows you to measure your customers' satisfaction (CSAT: Customer Satisfaction), their propensity to recommend you to their entourage (NPS: Net Promoter Score) and gives them the possibility to leave a free comment.

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1. Activating the form

Activate your form in the "Satisfaction Questionnaire" section under Targeting > Settings.



  • By activating the satisfaction survey here, you activate it for all the following channels: 
    • Chat (Agents and bots)
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Apple Messages for Business
    • Whatsapp


NB: As an admin, you can decide if you want to send or not a satisfaction survey for a bot conversation that ended with a failed transfer to an agent. You can control this setting for all bots or have a different configuration for each bot.


2. The questions

2.1 Customer Satisfaction


This step allows you to measure the satisfaction generated by the conversation visitors have had with a professional agent or an ibbü expert. Visitors can grade conversations from 1 to 5.

Visitors who gave a score of 4 or 5 are satisfied with the experience they have had.

⚠️ In case of transfer: When agent A receives a conversation and transfers it to agent B after answering it, the satisfaction rating will be given to both agents.

2.2 Net Promoter Score



The Net Promoter Score, also known as NPS, evaluates customer advocacy represented by your visitors’ likelihood to recommend your brand to their friends, family or colleagues.

When the NPS rating is displayed, the visitor can select a score from 0 to 10.
This allows iAdvize to split your visitors into three categories:
– 9 to 10: the promoters. These visitors are satisfied. They are likely to recommend your brand.
– 7 to 8: passive visitors. These visitors are neutral. They will not express a negative or positive opinion about your brand.
– 0 to 6: the detractors. These visitors are not satisfied. They are likely to express their dissatisfaction.


Deactivate the NPS question

On request, it is possible to deactivate the NPS question. The customer then proceeds directly to the next question.

👋  Want to disable the NPS? Talk to your main iAdvize contact!


NB: This question is not asked for the following channels:
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Apple Messages for Business
    • Whatsapp


2.3 Free comment


Finally, this last step consists of an open-ended question. It allows your visitors to freely express themselves about their user experience while enabling you to identify which elements generate excellent satisfaction and which elements generate dissatisfaction.


The additional custom binary question

The custom binary question allows you to adapt the survey to your objectives. 

This feature can help you answer questions such as :

  • Does chat reduce my incoming calls?
  • Are my customers ready to buy after the conversation?
  • Is our customers' initial request answered after the conversation?

The results of the question are accessible from the conversation Export.

NB. The questions are customizable, only YES and NO answers are possible.




👋  Would you like to use the custom binary question? Talk to your main iAdvize contact!


⚠️ This question is not available on the following channels:
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Apple Messages for Business
    • Whatsapp


2.4 Order of questions

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. NPS (if deactivated)
  3. Custom binary question (if activated)
  4. Open-ended question

3. Scope



Send the survey Chat (Web & mobile app) + Whatsapp + Facebook Messenger + AMB
Customisation (texts, questions, types, choices)

Languages  ✅ Form translated into the languages handled by iAdvize