The Team Activity report - Opportunities

The opportunity report allows you to evaluate missed chat opportunities to adapt your agents' availability.

1. Accessing the opportunity report

To access an opportunity report, go to "Reports" > "Team activity" and choose the "Opportunities" report.

2. Consulting the opportunities data

The page you see consists of 4 elements :

(1) The filter selection:

Filter data based on results desired. You can apply a filter by channel, by project and by type of view and date/period.

(2) The indicators:

You will find the list of indicators in this report and what they correspond to in the article definition of indicators.

(3) The graphics:

These show the evolution of indicators as well as the percentage distribution according to the selected view at a glance (agent, targeting rule, etc.)

(4) The data table:

This presents detailed numerical data in the form of a table. You can check the details of each line by clicking on the "pen"  or exporting the table in CSV format using this icon  .