Monitor the iAdvize performance with Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to observe the impact of iAdvize on your site's performance targets. For example, you can measure the conversion rate for visitors who have used the chat, the call or the video.

1/ Activating the Google Analytics monitoring option for iAdvize

From your iAdvize administration, firstly select the web site for which you want to install the application (from the dropdown menu displayed at the top right side).

Look then under Apps in the upper menu bar and select Google Analytics under the available applications.


To install the Google Analytics application, click on “Install the application”.


Select the version used on your website. If you don’t know which version you are using, please click one the  to identify it.


Universal Analytics : ⚠️ Should not be used after Jully 1st 2023 Google decided to deprecate it. Use gtag.js instead (compatible with GA4) ⚠️


gtag.js : Please note that the “gtag.js” tag has to be found after the iAdvize javascript tag if you are using the older version of Google Analytics (analytics.js).
This isn’t mandatory if you are using the newest one: « Globale Site Tag » (gtag.js).


Google Tag Manager : If you are using Google Tag Manager, you can select it in the drop down menu. Please read the following article about how to configure Google Tag Manager for the Google Analytics connector


2/ Google Analytics settings

You can then go to your Google Analytics interface and create a new segment to use in your reports.

Creating a new segment

Go to the section "Conversions > E-commerce > Overview" in the left menu:

Then click "Add segment" and "New segment".

You will see the following form:

(1) Name the segment so you can identify it easily later.
(2) Select "Conditions" in the Advanced section of the menu.
(3) Create a filter for the events which are exact matches to "Chat".

Once created, the segment is automatically activated. You can now compare data for all of your visitors with that of those who have used chat. For example conversion rate:



3 / What information is delivered in GA?

We generate an event named iAdvize (which is the name of the category). There are three different actions that are Chat, Call, Video and for which the label corresponds to the agent username defined in his iAdvize user account.

For example :

gtag('event', 'Chat', {
'event_category': 'iAdvize',
'event_label': 'Pseudo conseiller'