Production report (formerly Live activity report)

Depending on whether you are already participating in our Beta for Reporting or not, this report is called "Live activity" or "Production".

This report allows you to follow how your teams handle ongoing and pending conversations, whether they are real-time conversations or come from conversation queues (= asynchronous messaging).


KPIs and statistics are updated in real-time (every 10 seconds).


1. Agents

In the Live activity, it is possible to monitor the activity of the agents in real-time. You can also get the number of agents logged in per routing group and view each agent individually (its current conversations).

In this report, data is available for all channels and projects simultaneously. Simply select them by filters (projects, channels).


At a glance, you know how many agents are connected to their discussion panel and their status for each channel (available, busy, unavailable).

In green: Agent online and available
In orange: Agent online but busy
In red: Agent unavailable

An important filter is the one for routing groups, to only get the agents listed from that routing group and their pending, on-going or snoozed conversations.

2. Conversations

Then you have a global view of your conversations. Several states are differentiated.


1. The pending conversations for which you'll find:

  • pending conversations that just arrived in your conversation queue, or are back there after being snoozed
  • the number of pending conversations, sorted by distribution group
  • the maximum waiting time (= waiting time of the visitor who has been in the queue for the longest time)
There are several actions or situations that sometimes cause the number of places in the conversation queue to be exceeded:
  • The snooze: Agents snoozed a conversation that came back in pending
  • Transfers: A conversation has been transferred to an already full routing rule
  • Visitor engagement: Several visitors have sent a message within the same time frame, leading to a queue overflow
  • The transfers of bots: A bot becomes available when at least one of the routing rules in its scenario is available. If the visitor chooses a path that takes them to an already full chat queue, the bot will transfer nevertheless to that queue.


2. Then the number of on-going conversations that are currently handled by your teams:


3. The number of snoozed conversations: conversations that were snoozed by agents and haven't gone back to a conversation queue yet - they will join the conversation queue once the waiting time has expired, or when the visitor will answer


The report allows you to read a pending, ongoing or snoozed conversation.
A manager can read conversations handled by agents in his user group only.

Click on
the read button in order to:
(2) Access all the data linked to the conversation (content, project, sales, status, ID...)
(3) Access past conversations
(4) Send an internal note in order to assist your agents in the treatment of a conversation


Use the release button to send the conversation back to the waiting list. The conversation will therefore return to the waiting queue and will be no longer assigned
(while remaining on the original routing group).
Messages sent to agents via the supervision panel will only be visible to the agent and the manager in question. Visitors supported won't see the messages appear on their chat conversation.


4. The last meter displays your closed conversations according to the filtering of the project or channel in place.

 ☝️ Unlike the other indicators in this report which are displayed in real-time, the numbers of the closed conversations are aggregated over the day

If you want to benefit from new navigation features, please do not hesitate to participate in the current Public Beta via the banner on the reporting home page.