Bot builder

Configure bot scenarios and create chatbots to integrate them to your targeting strategy like any other agent.

1. What are the core features available ?

The "Automation" section in the iAdvize admin allow you to easily configure bot scenarios with :

  • Unlimited number of multiple choices
  • Configure transfert for each choice
  • Easy to re-order multiple choices
  • Detect the visitor intent by asking an open question
  • Configure each intent actions (transfert, continue bot scenario…)
  • Add attachments (PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF files) with a maximum size of 500 kb


A Bot scenario preview will allow you to :

  • Test and learn how your bot is working in real time
  • Test your bot at anytime during the scenario building
  • Launch your scenario from a selected card, thanks to the button Current card
    • Tips : the first time you arrive on the Bot Builder, you need to click on the button Start
  • If you are using the “Intent detection question” (1) card
    • It will be possible for you to test our Natural Language Understanding technology and provide test visitor expression and observe the Intent detection
NB : A routing group is automatically created when saving for the first time the Bot.
NB (1) : In order for the "Intent Detection Question" card to appear in the scenario, you must first create an intention.
For more information, please see the article : Intents Manager

2. How it works in detail

To create a new bot click on Automation > Bot builder > Create a bot


A. Manage your Bots

When your bot is created, it will be displayed on the list.


  • You can edit a Bot by clicking on the name or the pencil button
  • Delete a bot
  • Activate or deactivate a bot by clicking on the button on the left
⚠ When a bot is deactivate, targeting rules which are using this bot will not be able to display a notification (not eligible in the targeting strategy)


NB : A bot that hasn't made any conversations for at least 2 months is automatically deactivated. Once deactivated, it is moved to the top of the list, because it had the most recent modification date.
=> It is possible to reactivate a bot at any time.


B. Duplicate a bot

From the Bot Builder you can duplicate a bot on the same project or on a different project. 

  • On the same project : click on the pictogram on the right of the bot you want to duplicate Capture_d_e_cran_2021-06-22_a__15.13.19.png.
    The copy of this bot will then appear in the list of bots with the mention "copy".

  • On a different project : click on the button at the top right, above the list of bots.  Capture_d_e_cran_2021-06-22_a__15.15.18.png
    You will then have to select the name of the bot to copy and the project on which you want to make the copy.