Intents Manager

Unlock the Intents detection capability thanks to iAdvize AI and NLU technology, our Intelligent Bots are able to understand your visitors intents. Manage easily your brand’s AI and intents library from the Intents Manager.



1. Manage and create your AI Intent detection

To manage your AI Intents detection :

  • Go to the new section in the Automation section, then "Intent Manager"
  • Select the right domain for your language
NB : Our Augmented Intelligence now supports 7 languages : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese


To create new Intent, click on the button "See More", then "Create" on the top right.




  • Add a name
  • Add expressions to train your Intent
  • Best practice is to add around 20/25 training expressions
  • Save your intent


2. Review and create intents based on visitors expressions detected by our AI*

*Only available if you have previously activated Collaborative Training
  • Create a new Intent based on suggested expressions
    • Review proposed expressions one by one or use the button “validate all expression” to add them all
    • Save your intent
  • Edit existing Intent
    • Add new expressions
    • Edit existing expressions


3. Review and create intents based on expression selected by Humain*

*Only available if you have previously activated Collaborative Training
  • Expressions to review
    • You can receive group of visitors expression that have been reviewed by the “Collaborative Training”
    • Click on review to check and transform these expressions into a real visitor Intent
    • If you don’t want to use it, just Discard
  • Ready to use intents section
    • In this section you will find all intents activated and ready to be detected in a Bot scenario using the card “Intent detection question”. To know more, please read the bot builder article.


4. Test an Expression and AI detection

You wish to test that an intention is well detected in a visitor's request ?

  • Go to the button “Test an Expression” Intent-Manager-05-EN-Test.png
  • Add your expression


  • The result of the test will give you the Intent detected with the higher score

To help your Admins with their new task, you can download the Cheat sheet below