Bot builder: create and manage your bots

Configure bot scenarios and create chatbots to integrate them into your targeting strategy like any other agent.

1. What are the core features available?

The "Automation" section in the iAdvize admin allows you to easily configure bot scenarios with :

  • Unlimited number of multiple choices*
  • Configure transfert for each choice
  • Easy to re-order multiple choices
  • Detect the visitor intent by asking an open question
  • Configure each intent action (transfert, continue bot scenario…)
  • Add attachments (PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF files) with a maximum size of 500 kb
* Limit on the number of multiple choices answers: 13 maximum on live chat (10 on WhatsApp, 13 on Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messages)


A Bot scenario preview will allow you to :

  • Test and learn how your bot is working in real-time
  • Test your bot at any time during the scenario building
  • Launch your scenario from a selected card, thanks to the button Current step
    • Tips: The first time you arrive on the Bot Builder, you need to click on the button Start
  • If you are using the “Intent detection question” (1) card
    • It will be possible for you to test our Natural Language Understanding technology and provide test visitor expression and observe the Intent detection
NB: A routing group is automatically created when saving for the first time the Bot.
NB (1): In order for the "Intent Detection Question" card to appear in the scenario, you must first create an intention.
For more information, please see the article: Intents Manager

2. How it works in detail

To create a new bot click on Automation > Bot builder > Create a bot



2.1 Configure the identity of your bot

  • Indicate Name and Displayed name (mandatory)
  • Add an avatar ((60px by 60px in PNG, jpg or gif format)
  • Choose the language of the bot
  • Define the number of simultaneous conversations
  • Set up Transfer settings
    • Maximum waiting time for an available respondent
    • Default message in case of transfer failure
    • Activation or not of the satisfaction survey in case of transfer failure


2.2 Manage your Bots

When your bot is created, it will be displayed on the list.


  • You can edit a Bot by clicking on the name or the pencil button
  • Delete a bot
  • Activate or deactivate a bot by clicking on the button on the left
⚠ When a bot is deactivated, targeting rules which are using this bot will not be able to display a notification (not eligible in the targeting strategy)


NB: A bot that hasn't made any conversations for at least 2 months is automatically deactivated. Once deactivated, it is moved to the top of the list, because it had the most recent modification date.
=> It is possible to reactivate a bot at any time.



2.3 Duplicate a bot

From the Bot Builder, you can duplicate a bot on the same project or on a different project. 

  • On the same project: click on the pictogram on the right of the bot you want to duplicate Capture_d_e_cran_2021-06-22_a__15.13.19.png.
    The copy of this bot will then appear in the list of bots with the mention "copy".

  • On a different project: click on the button at the top right, above the list of bots.  Capture_d_e_cran_2021-06-22_a__15.15.18.png
    You will then have to select the name of the bot to copy and the project on which you want to make the copy.
To change the language of a bot created on Project A, please go to another project (e. g. Project B), then click on "copy an existing bot". Save this new bot, then go back to the original project where you want to change the bot language.
Then click on “copy an existing bot” again. Select the bot you just created, then in the bot builder, click on the “identity” tab. You will then be able to change the bot’s language.
NB: You will then be able to delete the bot created on Project B.


For the configuration of the bot scenario, see the dedicated article.