iAdvize integration capabilities

iAdvize offers two integration options for its applications: native connectors and the “dev platform”, for collaboration with our team of Technical Account Managers.


Embedded Desk

This feature gives you direct access to the iAdvize desk from your external tools via an iFrame. It applies to all CRMs except SD and Coheris, which already have their own connectors.

This functionality is facilitated by Dynamics 365 Customer Service (=D365). It is an invaluable aid in managing and improving your operational efficiency.


Authenticated Messaging

This feature enables users to share confidential data securely once they have been authenticated.

The process of authenticating your visitors enables the creation of signed and encrypted tokens. In this way, iAdvize can recognize your visitor and offer your advisors all the data relating to the visitor and the conversation.
As a result, visitors feel more confident, and conversation continuity is improved thanks to the history.
You can choose whether your visitors need to be authenticated to exchange with your advisors.


Custom App

This is an extension of your advisors' desktop, providing them with a dedicated space for all the tools they can access during an exchange with a visitor.

These tools can, for example, enable them to manage :

  • Lead creation in CRM,
  • Create a shopping cart with a payment link,
  • Access to the knowledge base to answer FAQ-type questions,
  • Access to order status tracking,
  • Automatic retrieval of visitor information,
  • Creation of a support ticket.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

This feature gives you direct access to multiple applications with a single sign-on. This means you can use the applications of your choice by logging in once, no matter how many there are.



This is the technical interface used to transmit or retrieve structured data and interact with the iAdvize solution. The purpose of this interface is to automate reporting, administration and service orchestration processes.


Events (Webhook & Javascript event)

This is an “extension point” that refers to event notifications that can be used to trigger actions and automate processes.


Connected bot (API connections)

This refers to the process of incrementing a bot's knowledge from an API connection. In this way, the bot has a complete information system at its disposal, enabling it to act autonomously or lighten the load on operators.