API Connection: Set up messaging to call connection in your bot


Before implementing a chat-to-call escalation scenario through your external call service’s (CCaaS) API note that:

  • Escalation are possible using our connected bots for a CCaaS solution, through custom development to connect to your API provider or using public API in JSON format.
  • For each custom development, please ask your iAdvize contact to confirm the availability or non-availability of an existing connection.

How it works

1. Setup your API connection within iAdvize’s admin

Go to API connections

1 - Create your API connection:

2- Set the API connection name:

3- Définissez les valeurs API du call external provider:

2. Create your bot scenario

Go to Automation Bot

1. Create your bot:

2. Create an API connection card, don’t forget to start by collecting the phone number:

3. You're all set!


  • Legal: do we need a specific optin to collect the phone number from the visitor?

As this is a messaging escalation to call, it is possible to collect the consent from the legal notice (GDPR) at the beginning of the conversation: Activate the consent request (GDPR)

The DPO from the brand can add specific consent information inside it. iAdvize legal team is also currently adding a default text to our legal notice.

In concrete terms, this optin:

Is now replaced by our chat legal notice:

  • International phone number format:

In the previous version of instant call back it was necessary to select an international identifier.

In the escalation scenario messaging call there is no longer an international identifier. For the escalation to work we only need the raw number entered by the visitor, and the validation of the number is supported by the external call provider of the brand (CCaaS). In case there is an error in the format, the API of the external provider (CCaaS) will provide an error message for the visitor to correct the format.

  • Can the escalation work with the Copilot for Shopper?

Yes, it's possible.

  • How can I track the escalations that were performed?

A specific connected bot can be created and then filtered in the Conversation report by choosing the bot's name or a keyword.