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What is the iAdvize Messenger?


The Messenger is a new technological step in iAdvize's history. This expression covers all the conversational experience iAdvize provides to your visitors, thanks to a number of evolutions: 

  • rich content : you can share emojis, images and files with your visitors
  • customised design : you can match the design of your Messenger with the design of your website to achieve a perfect integration, as well as use the codes of the messaging apps your visitors are familiar with
  • unified conversation : in one and only conversation, your visitors can chat with professional agents, ibbü experts, iAdvize native chatbots or bots designed with a third-party developer
  • double temporality : your visitors can benefit from real-time advice, or receive an answer a few minutes or a few hours later after they asked your questions (=asynchronous conversation), once they are back on the website or after having accepted to receive an email notification
  • multi-device conversation : your visitors can benefit from your Messenger on the desktop, on their mobile, or within your app, thanks to the in-app messaging

You want to benefit from the latest innovations that are packaged in the iAdvize Messenger ? Please read this article : iAdvize Messenger : how to set it up.