Technical requirements needed for iAdvize


1. Browsers supported

iAdvize is a SaaS application based primarily on modern web technologies and therefore it requires a powerful web browser.

Generally, iAdvize is best with the two last versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Safari to the extent that such versions have been tested and approved by our technical team.

iAdvize may work on older versions (details below) but they are not officially supported anymore. That is why we do not undertake to make systematically fixes on these older versions.

Also, we advise you to update your browser regularly.

Note : If you do not know your browser’s version or how to update it, take a look at this page : 

1.1 Visitor side (Livechat)

Recommended browsers:

  • Edge, the last two versions
  • Firefox, the last two versions
  • Chrome, the last two versions
  • Safari, the last version 

Supported browsers: 

  • Edge 92+
  • Firefox 78+
  • Chrome 92+
  • Safari 14.1+
  • Opera 80+

Supported browsers on mobile depend of the OS version. Here the supported OS: 

  • iOS 14+
  • Android 8+

1.2 Back office side (Conversation panel, iAdvize Administration, Ibbü Administration,...)

Recommended browsers :

  • Edge, the last two versions
  • Firefox, the last two versions
  • Chrome, the last two versions
  • Safari, last version

Supported browsers : 

  • Edge 92+
  • Firefox 78+
  • Chrome 92+
  • Safari 14.1+
  • Opera 80+

1.3 Browsers required configurations

  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be accepted
  • LocalStorage * must be enabled
  • Websockets must be accepted

Note : If this configuration is not respected, we cannot guarantee that iAdvize will work properly.
* Note also that Safari's private browsing disables 'localstorage', which is necessary for the proper functioning of iAdvize. Chat can not be displayed.


2. Screen resolution requirement

The iAdvize conversation panel has a lot of information. In order to have a clear vision on important informations at any time, and a better access to important actions and interactions as well, we recommand you a high screen resolution.

Note : The following recommendations of screen sizes correspond to the dimensions of the viewport of your browser used to display the iAdvize user interface and NOT the resolution of your actual screen. Keep in mind that you might be able to use the full width of your screen if your browser is set in full screen mode, however the browser itself most certainly uses some vertical space that won’t be available for the Desk user interface. Moreover, if the User interface is used in an iframe (for exemple when integrated in other software like Salesforce) our recommendations concern the dimensions of that iFrame.

Optimal viewport resolution:

  • Width >= 1920px
  • Height >= 930px

Recommanded viewport resolution :

  • Width >= 1440px
  • Height >= 750px

Minimal viewport resolution :

  • Width = 1280px
  • Height = 650px

Note : The mirroring functionality is based on the actual size of the visitor's screen, but is not a 100% reliable reproduction of the visitor's experience.
For mobile devices, some visitor preferences are not taken into account, such as dark mode and we strongly recommend a responsive site: if a visitor manually zooms in or out of a non-responsive web page from a smartphone, the agent side display will not be reproduced.


3. Network and domains requirement

We require broadened access to provide for our future developments in terms of protocols and network infrastructure, and to avoid you having to systematically change your configuration at each change on our side.


3.1 Ports and Protocol

In order to guarantee the performance and compatibility of the iAdvize solution on your computer system, it is necessary that the TCP and UDP protocols be open on your network.

Opening port 443 (HTTPS) is also mandatoy.
Please be sure these protocols are open on your network :

Note : If these ports or protocols are not open on your network, we cannot guarantee that iAdvize will work properly.


For mobile apps iOS and Android, we found in rare cases that port 5222 is also needed. So if have issue in app loading, we advise you to open port 5222 with 80 and 443.


3.2 Domains

Note : We are using dynamic IP ranges. Please refer to domain name exclusively if you need to apply filtering.


3.2.1 Global configuration on domains and protocols

It is essential not to filter requests between your agents and our servers.
We therefore ask you a bypass * on your network equipment (proxy, firewall, etc.).
Be sure to open this domain on all protocols used by iAdvize solution :

  • https://*
  • wss://*

iAdvize solution is using Launchdarkly in order to proceed to continuous deployments, helping us to deploy new features in specific contexts. Therefor we invite you to bypass this domain:

  • https://*

Mixpanel solution is used to follow usages of iAdvize solution. Moreover this service display informal messages of next major features rollouts. Therefor we invite you to bypass these domains:

Note : You can test the compatibility of your network configuration with the iAdvize solution from this page:


3.2.2 Configuration mandatory for video & call channels

For the Video and Call channels, the iAdvize solution relies on the services offered by the company Twilio.
Bypassing * is also mandatory if you are using:

Twilio is also using https and wss protocols, so please be also sure to open the domain * on all protocols used by the Twilio solution:

  • https://*
  • wss://*

Note : You can test the compatibility of your network configuration with the Twilio solution from this page: Particularity of the Video channel

For security reasons, the visitor's page must be loaded with the HTTPS protocol.

It will not work with the HTTP protocol.

In addition, the video channel is based on WebRTC technology. Your browser must therefore be able to support WebRTC (regardless of the operating system used).
Here are the browsers currently compatible with the Video Channel:

  • Chrome (the last 2 versions)
  • Firefox (the last 2 versions)
  • Opéra (the last 2 versions)
  • Edge Chromium
  • Safari, available on iOS only (the last 2 versions)
NB : iOS allows WebRTC only on Safari and not on other browsers.

The following browsers are not and will not be compatible with the video channel :

  • Internet Explorer 
  • Edge legacy
  • Any browser which does not support WebRTC


3.2.3 Configuration mandatory for the automatic translation tool and rich link generation

  • https://* : Bypassing this domain is necessary if you need to use the automatic translation feature on the conversation panel. This domain also provides font and css sheet.
  •,, : Bypassing these ip's on your website is necessary if you want to use the rich link generation feature on the conversation panel.

Note : If these domains and IP are not whitelisted, the look of the chatbox and notification may not display as you see in the notification and chatbox builder. The display of rich links will also be degraded, or even not functional.


4. iAdvize implementation requirements on your website

iAdvize provides a set of Javascript tags to implement on your site to install the solution.
We invite you not to modify the structure of these tags to avoid any loading errors.
Once the iAdvize Javascript tags are implemented, a set of HTML/CSS/Javascript resources is loaded to display the contact elements on your site. As for the Javascript tags, we invite you not to change the nature of these resources.

We also recommend that you do not use the structure of the HTML/CSS IDs or CLASSes of the iAdvize contact elements for any specific development on your site. Indeed, our HTML/CSS structure is not fixed in time and can change at any time.


4.1 Compatibility with third-party Javascript librairies

Despite all the iAdvize's efforts to minimise this type of conflict, certain old third-party libraries potentially used on your site can prevent iAdvize to work well. 
These libraries override the definition of certain javascript native methods (e.g. Array.prototype.toJSON) used by iAdvize solution.

As a result, some random Javascript errors can occur (like "parse error"), provoking for example :
- no iAdvize notifications displayed on your website 
- missing messages between visitors and agents,
- a blank page displayed in the background instead of the page viewed by the visitor
- ...

These libraries have been identified as not compatible with iAdvize :
- prototype.js : all versions less than 1.7 (
- xdomain.js : all versions (

Note: If you use this king of old Javascript libraries, we cannot guarantee that iAdvize will work properly. That is why we do not undertake to make systematically fixes on these libraries.


4.2 iFrames

iframes are used to display certain contents (notifications, chatbox,...).
Therefore, it is necessary not to block iframes and their content (HTML, CSS, JS).

If your internal policy is to hide iframes and their content, you can make an exception for iAdvize iframes by using this CSS:



4.3 CSP configuration

Content Security Policy (CSP) is a security mechanism that helps protect against content injection attacks, such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS). 

If you want to know more about CSP, you can check these articles :


4.3.1 CSP configuration compatible with iAdvize

To ensure no breaking in the iAdvize working on your website, we recommend you to update the "default-src" directive (the "default-src" serving as a fallback for all the other directives), and not each one of the CSP directives ("connect-src", "object-src", "script-src", "frame-src", "script-src", "style-src", "font-src", ...).

iAdvize use two different web protocols:

  • HTTPS : https://*
  • WSS : wss://*

Therefore you will to bypass these two protocols.

Here an example:

default-src 'unsafe-inline' https://* wss://*;

If you really can't rely on the "default-src" directive, we would recommend you to specify each one with a wildcard.

Here an example : 

connect-src https://* wss://*;
frame-src https://*;
img-src https://*;
script-src 'unsafe-inline' https://*;
style-src 'unsafe-inline' https://*;


If you're using the Video chanel, we invite you to open the domain name *.twilio on the WSS protocole. Here an example :

connect-src https://* wss://* wss://*;
frame-src https://*;
img-src https://*;
script-src 'unsafe-inline' https://*;
style-src 'unsafe-inline' https://*;


4.3.2 Example of advanced CSP configuration compatible with the iAdvize solution

Without the"Unsafe-inline" keyword
It is possible to call the 'script-src' and 'style-src' directives without the keyword 'unsafe-inline'. This action allows to make the CSP stricter.
If you use this option, the implementation of iAdvize tags must be adapted. We invite you to call iAdvize tags from external scripts loaded via the SRC attribute of the SCRIPT tag.
Example : <script defer type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


With the keyword "Nonce"
The nonce attribute allows you to "whitelist" certain inline script and style elements on your site. This avoids the use of the "Unsafe-inline" keyword which allows all inline script and style elements to run on your site.
Here an example :

connect-src https://* wss://* wss://*;
frame-src https://*;
img-src https://*;
script-src https://* 'nonce-5109fc35-8f6c-4e20-b987-d6eed7c73415';
style-src https://*;

<script type="text/javascript" nonce="5109fc35-8f6c-4e20-b987-d6eed7c73415"> 
// iAdvize Javascript main tag 

Make sure that the hash used to list your authorized resources is auto-generated and not predictable by a third party.

5. Compatible OS with iAdvize mobile app 

First things first, please download the lastest mobile version app on the App Store or on the Play Store according to the operating system you are using.

The iAdvize mobile application is compatible with the following OS:

  • Apple iOS 14 and more
  • Android 8 and more


6. Technical requirements for iAdvize mobile SDK integration

The iAdvize mobile SDK described in this page ( is compatible with these following OS:

  • Apple iOS 14 and more
  • Android 8 and more


7. Bandwidth requirement for iAdvize users

In order to guarantee a smooth use of the iAdvize platform, we advise you a minimum bandwidth on agents internet connection.

These values are for one agent and depend of the channel used.

  • Chat/Call/Social :

    Download :
    • average : 0.5 Mbps
    • max : 1,5 Mbps
    Upload :
    • average : 0.5 Mbps
    • max : 1,5 Mbps
  • Video :

    Download :
    • average : 2 Mbps
    • max : 3 Mbps
    Upload :
    • average : 2 Mbps
    • max : 3 Mbps


Note : We advise you to use the maximal value in your network configuration and then multiply it with the number of agents using the iAdvize solution.
Regarding the mirroring/cobrowsing case between agents and visitors, the display time of visitors pages may vary from few second to dozens of secondes due to the websites weight and visitor internet speed connection.