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Extend your conversation queues in 2 express steps

This article was designed as a sequel to "How to deploy iAdvize in 6 easy steps" where we explained how to install a basic strategy on iAdvize. You can improve this strategy and answer more efficiently to a greater amount of visitors, if you install conversation queues that allow your agents to handle conversations with a delay. 


If you want, you can also increase your answering capacity thanks to a chatbot; this other article explains how to combine chatbots and conversation queues.


1. Extend your conversation queue

This feature allows your agents to handle some conversations in an asynchronous way, “smoothing” the way they handle conversations and increasing their productivity. If your visitors have left the website by the time the agents handle their message, they will be notified of their answer by email.

If you want to activate this feature, remain in the “Engagement”→”routing”→” routing rule section” and simply click on the pencil on the right of your routing rule “to answer team” to modify it again.

In section 2 “Define the distribution for each group”, you can write in the “slots in the conversation queue” column a value that rougly corresponds to the following formula: 

(number of agents in your team) x (average handling capacity per hour )x (available time that you do not wish to dedicate to live messages) 

For example: if a 5-people team handles on average 10 messages per hour, per agent, and usually have 3 off-peak hours in a working day, then the formula is 5 x 10 x 3 = 150 slots in a queue, which is significant.  

As a precaution, you can set a slightly lower number of slots to see how your agents can handle it, then progressively adjust this number according to their performance: you now know how to set this number, and any change will take immediate effect on your conversational strategy.

2. Train your team

You just increased your answering capacity, as your agents may now handle conversations with a delay. They also have new features on their panel, such as the “snooze” button, and must be trained to use them.

You can do that in a few minutes thanks to the course “iAdvize Messenger, for agents”, available on iAdvize Academy.