Implement our javascript tags on your website

New to iAdvize and don't know how to install the solution on your site? Here are the steps to install the solution in 5 minutes.

First of all, we suggest you check that your network configuration is properly set to be compatible with iAdvize.

The video below shows you some important points for the integration of iAdvize tags:


⚠ It is important to install the iAdvize tag on all the pages of your site for the following reasons:

- The visitor loses the conversation if he arrives on a page where the tag is not present or cannot be engaged.
- This may lead to misunderstanding on the part of the advisor who will then contact the visitor again without getting any feedback.
- This could lead to a bad experience on the visitor's side and thus potential poor satisfaction.


1. Get your iAdvize code

Your iAdvize code is available in your iAdvize administration.

To log into iAdvize:

Once connected:

  • Click on your 'Profile' button at the top right  Then click the links "Projects" and "insert this script"
  • only managers and administrators have access to the iAdvize administration


On this page, you can get your iAdvize JavaScript code.




2. Install the solution

2.1 Install the iAdvize code manually

Note: This iAdvize code is to be installed on all pages of your site, ideally, closest to the HTML tag </body>.

The mandatory parameters are the following:

  • corresponds to the platform of your account. If your account is on the standard platform, you will get "". If your account is on the high availability platform, you will get  "". 
This field is automatically filled in if you get the code from your iAdvize administration.
  • sid=YYYY: is the site identifier associated with your iAdvize account. This field is automatically filled in if you get the code from your iAdvize administration.

The optional parameters are the following :

  • &lang=ZZ: To force the display of chat elements in a given language, you can add the parameter &lang=ZZ after the parameter sid=YYYY.

By default, the language in which chat elements are displayed is the language of the visitor's browser.

Here is the list of languages ​​currently supported by iAdvize chat elements:

Languages (31) Code
Arabic  ar
Basque eu
Bulgarian bg
Catalan ca
Croatian  hr
Czech cz
Danish  dk
Dutch  nl
English  en
Finnish fi
French fr
German de
Greek el
Hungarian hu
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Lithuanian lt
Mandarin cn
Polish pl
Portugese pt
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Serbian sr
Slovak sk
Slovenian sl
Spanish es
Swedish se
Taiwanese Mandarin tw
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk


  • It is very important that you do not modify its structure and that you keep all of the parameters defined in the initial code. It is also strongly recommended to avoid loading this code via another code or Javascript file.
  • This code should be installed on all of the pages of your site, ideally as close as possible to the HTML tag </body>, so that visitors chatting with an agent are not cut off when they change the page.
  • This code is compatible with centralised Javascript tag manager solutions such as Google Tag Manager, Tag Commander, Tag Capsule etc.

3. Make sure the iAdvize code is properly installed

After the installation of the code on all pages of your site, the most reliable way to ensure it functions properly is through the Console of your browser.

To do this, simply go to your site using Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer and press the F12 key (1) of your keyboard.
Click on the "Console" tab (2), and type the keyword "iAdvize" (3) and validate with the "enter" key.

Two displays are possible:

  • A set of iAdvize variables appears on the screen: the iAdvize code is properly installed (4) :

  • The message "iAdvize is not defined": the iAdvize code is not properly installed:



4. Why iAdvize doesn't slow down my site

The iAdvize code proposed is an asynchronous Javascript. In general terms, this means that iAdvize is loaded with time delays via a flow parallel to the overall loading of your website. It does not impair its loading.

This is also true if our servers have incidents - the loading of your site is not impacted if our asynchronous script does not respond.


The iAdvize tag has a variable weight depending on multiple things, there may be a variation of +/- 5% on the advertised weights :
  • The activated features (video, call etc…).
  • The size of the engagement strategy.
  • The caching strategy of the browser used to load the tag.
  • The avatars use for notification/chatbox
    • Use 80x80 images for circle avatars
    • Use 150px height for full avatars
  • The font use for notification/chatbox
    • Use Arial 


5. The optional tags

5.1 The conversion tag

In order to track the sales generated after contact, you need to install our conversion tag on your order confirmation page (or the other element you need to track).

5.2 The custom data tag

With a javascript code, you can also send information from your site to iAdvize. For example, the first and last name of the visitor / the basket amount / ... We call it custom data.