Add the iAdvize Visitor and Conversation objects into your Salesforce Contact, Account, Lead and Case objects

Here is the lists of fields that are generated with the iAdvize Visitor and Conversation objects:

Visitor object

Visitor number
Salesforce unique visitor ID
visitor email* 
Phone number
visitor phone number*
First name
visitor first name*
Last name
visitor last name*
visitor address*
Postal code
visitor postal code*
visitor city*
visitor country*
Visitor ID
iAdvize visitor ID
External ID
iAdvize visitor external ID if available / provided
Unique ID
iAdvize VUID (randomly generated and stored in the browser local storage)

* if available on iAdvize

Conversation object

Conversation Number
Salesforce conversation unique ID
transcript of the conversation
Type of conversation
iAdvize conversation type ID (the conversation type is selected by the agent at the end of the conversation)
channel of the conversation
Date and hours of the conversation
conversation start date and time (first message from visitor)
End of the conversation
conversation end date and time (closing by either a bot or an agent)
Duration of the conversation
conversation duration (time lapse between conversation start and end)
link to the iAdvize Visitor object 
Conversation ID
iAdvize conversation ID
Website ID
iAdvize website / project ID
Rule ID
iAdvize rule ID that triggered the conversation
Custom Field 1…4
custom fields that can be added in the agent closing form*
Create Case at Conversation’s end
a checkbox that can be added in the agent closing form*
Reference to a Salesforce user (if operator’s ID matches)
Operator’s ID
iAdvize operator ID
Operator’s notes
operator’s notes completed in the agent closing form

1. Add the iAdvize Visitor and Conversation objects into the Contact, Account and Lead objects

By following the steps below you can and Lead objects.

When you installed the iAdvize package, an iAdvize layout is available into those three Salesforce objects. You can either use the iAdvize layout (option 1) or choose to update your own (option 2). 

  • Enter the Setup menu
  • Go to Object and Fields > Object Manager
  • Find and click on the object you want to customize (Contact, Account or Lead)

Option 1: Define the iAdvize user layout as default

  • Click on "Contact/Account/LeadPage Layout Assignment
  • Click on Edit Assignment
  • Select the profiles you want amend, then in the dropdown menu select iAdvize Contact/Account/Lead Layout and Save

Option 2: Customize your existing layout

  • On the layout to customize, click on the arrow at the end of the line then Edit


  • Click on the Related Lists item in the main block
  • Drag and drop: iAdvize Visitor and/or Conversations
  • Then click on Save

2. Add the iAdvize Conversation object into your Case object

This step adds a field in the Case object that may contains the related Conversation object.

  • Enter the Setup menu
  • Go to Object and Fields > Object Manager
  • Find and click on the Case object


  • Click on the Case Page Layout item on the left menu
  • Then Edit the Case Layout ligne


  • Drag and drop the Conversation field where you want
  • Then click on Save