Introduction to the iAdvize Salesforce App

Combine iAdvize and Salesforce and increase the efficiency of your respondents.

The Salesforce connector lets you connect the iAdvize console to your CRM. This way, your advisors can process their conversations directly from Salesforce and save time. This feature is particularly useful for your brand's support and sales departments.

The following article details the experience of your agents.

1. Access to the iAdvize desktop from Salesforce

This app allows your respondents to connect to the iAdvize console from their Salesforce environment.


Thanks to SSO authentication, they don't need a login and password.
They can access the console directly from the taskbar of the Salesforce console, located in the bottom right-hand corner.


To do this, they need to click on our "iAdvize chat Utility Bar" component.


All the features of the console are available in the app, for example: mirroring, managing respondent availability, transferring a conversation, sending a link, etc...



During a conversation, the data relating to the contacts (recorded in CRM) is displayed in the background.

2. Synchronize your iAdvize data with Salesforce

All information related to the visitor and the conversation is recorded in Salesforce thanks to the iAdvize "Visitor" and "Conversation" objects that are created at the start of the conversation.




With our app, you can add these two objects to your Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Cases or any Custom object of your choice. This information simplifies the various tasks carried out by your advisers:


  • create a new contact based on the information in the conversation,
  • attach the conversation to an existing CRM contact,
  • create a new folder based on the information in the conversation,
  • open the folder previously linked to this conversation in a new tab,
  • attach the conversation to an existing folder,

3. Customise your processes

To make it easier to process your conversations, you can also configure and automate more complex procedures using Salesforce flows.



These processes will be triggered automatically from the console by the actions of your advisers.

They enable you to carry out multi-criteria searches or complex or multiple actions in the CRM.

Our app also provides a database of templates for common actions that you can modify and add to to adapt them to your business processes.


You can also customize the iAdvize conversation closure form to allow your respondents to :

  • automatically create a new case,
  • add fields to classify cases,
  • add contextual information.

Read the article dedicated to customizing iAdvize settings according to your business needs.



Nb. It is unlikely that ibbü experts will have access to your Salesforce environment, but all their "Visitors" and "Conversations" will be will be recorded.


You can find the implementation guide and related articles for deploying the app here.

Don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager or CSM if you're thinking of implementing our connector.