Link your iAdvize and Salesforce users


There are two possibilities:

  • your users have both user profiles into iAdvize and into Salesforce: you can manually link their profiles together : option 1
  • your salesforce users do not have iAdvize user profiles: you can automatically create an iAdvize Agent based on your Salesforce users : option 2 (synchronisation)


  1. A salesforce user can only be linked to one iAdvize operator
  2. Although the iAdvize window could be opened / displayed in your Salesforce tool, the connector was not designed for this purpose, but only to integrate the iAdvize conversation desk.


The User Page layout must be customized to display the iAdvize fields that allows the synchronisation between iAdvize and Salesforce users.

Read this article to know more about this step

Option 1: Manually link your existing iAdvize users to your Salesforce ones

1. Find the iAdvize Operator ID and SSO Token

  • Log-in to the iAdvize Administration platform
  • Click on People > Management
  • Find the agent you want to link to salesforce

1.1. Find the Operator ID of your iAdvize agent

With your mouse, hover the 🖋(pencil icon) at the right of the agent line. His Operator ID number will display at the bottom of your browser - see screenshot below:


1.2. Find the SSO Token

  • You can find the SSO Token here 

2. Update the Salesforce user profile with the iAdvize information

  • Enter the Setup menu
  • Go to Users > Users
  • Click on the Edit button of the user you want to update
  • Fill the SSO Token and Operator ID fields then click on Save

Option 2: Automatically create iAdvize agent based on your existing Salesforce users

The iAdvize agent will be created with the following mapping:

First Name
First Name
Last Name
Last Name
Email address
User Name

⚠️ Note that to complete your user profiles you have to go to the iAdvize administration platform. For instance you may want to change or add the number of chats handle simultaneously, the skills, the language, the user profile to supervisor or administrator, etc.


On Salesforce, enter the Setup menu

  • Go to Users > Users
  • Click on Edit on the user you want to create an iAdvize agent profile with
  • Tick the sync checkbox. It indicates to Salesforce that this user profile must be created on iAdvize
  • Click on Save to trigger the process

⚠️If the email of the Salesforce user you are trying to synchronise already exists in iAdvize, the iAdvize agent will not be created.