iAdvize Product Portal

Our iAdvize solution is constantly evolving to best meet our customers needs. In this way, you have the opportunity to participate in its improvement so that it corresponds to you as well as possible.

With the Product Portal, share your suggestions with our Product team, which is always open to new ideas.

1/ Submit your improvement ideas

You didn't find what you were looking for in our solution or you have a suggestion for improvement?

To do this, click on "submit idea".



You will then access the suggestion creation form.


(1) Description: This is the most important part. The more careful the description is, the better we can integrate your request into our evolution reflections. Ideally, give us a use case to better understand your problem.

(2) Impact on your activities: Qualify the importance of your idea for your activity (nice to have, important or critical).

(3) Your email address: When creating your suggestion, it is mandatory to enter your email address. The recipient will receive a confirmation of receipt.


2/ Monitor iAdvize product developments

To track the evolution of the iAdvize product, we have created four tracking topics.
You will see improvements that are being considered, those that are planned, our current Beta and recent releases.

2.1/ Under consideration

This section is divided into three parts :

Customers Experience : visitor's experience (features such as visitor's Chatbox, for example)

- Brands Experience = our customers experience (features in the iAdvize Administration)

- Expert Experience = agents and experts experience



When you click on one of the topics, you then have the opportunity to vote on the importance of this idea for your activity (nice to have, important or critical).


2.2/ Planned

This section shows you the evolutions planned for the near future.



When you click on one of the topics, you access the details of the planned improvement and then, it is also possible to vote on the importance of this idea for your business.


2.3/ Current Beta

Here is a list of our new features currently available in Beta.
To learn more about a current Beta, click on one of the items.
If you would like to test one of the Beta functionality, please contact your Customer Success Strategist.



2.4/ Released

For more visibility on some of the changes in our solution, you have access in this section to our latest releases per quarter.

Same principle as in the other sections, when you click on an item, you access the details of its integration.