Stop display of floating button bêta

Closing is a decisive irritant in the engagement rate for some visitors, especially on mobile where the navigation is more impacted by a notification presence.

At iAdvize we believe that the more a visitor closes a floating button the less are the engagement possibilities (this information is based on data compiled from our clients, contact your CSM to get the exact data for your brand).
We also have the conviction that definitive closing is so important for some visitors that if the notification keep being displayed it could make them leave the website.

That's why we launched a beta dedicated to this issue of closing the floating button.

1. Functional scope

After the bêta activated, the following behavior will be applied to your brand’s website

After a visitor closed once a floating button from iAdvize, the notification will no longer be displayed again during all the visitor session*

*Session: during the time the visitor is on the website and 30min after you leave the website (unless you clean your cookie)

backhand index pointing right 2 exceptions:

  • Fixed button: the fact that the visitor closed a floating button does not impact the display of fixed buttons during the visitor navigation

  • Forced notification: the customer will have the possibility to force the display of specific engagement rules (e.g: in cart /account page) which will be visible even if the visitor has closed it

2. To force a notification display

Go to Engagement > Edit Campaign (or create a Targeting campaign) > Edit rule (or create a rule) > Activate the toggle “Force notification display” on the rule


3. Onboarding

To get onboarded on this bêta

  • Define with your CSM the rules that will need to be “forced” (rules where the visitor usually engages the most)
  • Change the naming of your rules that will be forced so that you can easily filter them on the reports
  • Contact your CSM to activate the bêta on your website rocket

4. FAQ

  • Can I customize the number of closing before not displaying anymore the floating button to visitors ?

Yes, you will need to specify that number to your CSM so that it can be set up before your onboarding on the bêta. 

  • After the bêta is activated: one the notification are closed by visitors, are these notification counted as missed opportunities?

No, once on the bêta, the notification does not count as a new display once closed by the visitor.

Reminder: Missed opportunity =Total missed displays x Rule engagement rate over the last 15 days


  • How can I limit biais when monitoring all my engagement performance ?

To limit biais it will be important to name differently your “forced” rules so that you can easily find them in the reports.

  • What about minimized actions?

Minimized behavior are not taken into account.

  • Can I deploy this bêta only on mobile rules and not on desktop?

The beta is activated for the whole website. However, it is possible to limit the display only for some notifications. To do so, you will have to "force" the display of the notification for all those you do not want to limit the display.

For example: to limit the display of mobile notifications only, you will have to "force" the display of desktop notifications so that they are not limited in display.

Note: during our studies on several customers we have observed that the low engagement rate is similar on desktop and mobile for visitors who have closed a notification.