Measure your visitor's satisfaction on 3rd party channels

Mesure  the satisfaction of your customers (CSAT: Customer Satisfaction) thanks to the satisfaction survey and gives them the opportunity to leave a free comment, within the conversation.

Indeed, Customer experience and brand image have become real differentiation issues for brands in the face of competition. We no longer sell only products or services, we sell an experience.

To measure this experience, iAdvize offers you the possibility to send a satisfaction form at the end of your conversations and to find the results in an indicator dedicated to customer experience.

1. Activation of the satisfaction survey

Activate the satisfaction survey in the section "Satisfaction survey" via Engagement > settings.


By activating the satisfaction survey here, you activate it for all the following channels:  
    • Chat
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Apple Messages for Business
    • Whatsapp

2. The questions asked

2.1 Customer Satisfaction

This step allows you to measure the satisfaction generated by the conversation the client had with an agent. The visitor can rate the conversation from 1 to 5.

Customers who answered 4 or 5 are satisfied with the experience.

The question title is the same as on the chat channel. The emojis may vary slightly from one channel to another. However, the emoji caption is the same on all channels and thus provides greater clarity.

⚠️ In case of transfer: When agent A receives a conversation and transfers it to agent B after answering it, the satisfaction rating will be given to both agents.

CSAT on Apple Messages for Business

CSAT on WhatsApp

CSAT on Facebook Messenger

2.2 Form exit question - Optional

Unlike the chat channel, when the satisfaction form is launched on a third-party channel, the visitor's composition area is not blocked.

However, if a visitor sends a message instead of choosing an emoji, then a bot asks him if he has a last question. If the visitor answers yes then a new conversation starts.

NB: If he answers no, the CSAT question is sent to him again.

If the visitor chooses a smiley as soon as the CSAT question is asked, it goes directly to the free comment.

2.3 Free comment

Finally, this step proposes an open-ended question to your customers so that they can express themselves freely about their user experience. It allows you to identify the elements that generate excellent satisfaction and conversely, those that generate dissatisfaction. 

2.4 Order of questions

  1. Customer Satisfaction
    (1.bis. Question de sortie)
  2. Free comment 

3. Satisfaction survey language

Some third-party channels do not share the language of their users. iAdvize is therefore not able to know in which language the visitor is used to communicate.

In order to propose a satisfaction survey in a language adapted to the visitor, we have implemented a conversation analysis tool. This tool analyzes the visitor's messages and the agent's messages and identifies the language of the conversation. It is in this identified language that the visitor will receive the questionnaire.

warning If in rare cases the tool fails to identify the language (for example: several languages in the conversation, or a very short conversation of a few words), then the survey is sent in a default language.

The default language of the survey is English.