Which channel, for which purpose?

Advize allows you to have a conversation with your audience in many different ways. When designing your conversational strategy, it is probably in your best interest to take advantage of everything iAdvize has to offer by activating several channels - to be chosen carefully according to your goals and the teams you have available. The following article briefly introduces these channels and their possible applications for your business.

Another article, iAdvize, “channel by channel”, presents the details of the technical features of each channel. 

The "classic" channels

Web messaging

  • In a nutshell: the "classic chat" offered by iAdvize on your website offers your visitors (rich content, live answers, asynchronous, bots) and your respondents (mirroring, co-browsing) the best conversational experience on the market, with a high level of targeting and engagement it’s a must for most strategies.
  • Usage: chats are flexible and suitable for all types of usage, but in particular if your goal is to increase sales on your site. Your live respondents have a wide range of tools to engage and convince your visitors.
  • Type of team: all types and sizes of teams, from the sales-oriented and specialized profiles (advisors or ibbü experts) to the teams, customer relations, or after-sales service.
  • Advantages: excellent flexibility of use, easy to deploy on your site (one tag is enough) - one respondent can handle several conversations simultaneously.
  • Important reminder: the chat will only show up on your website, where the iAdvize tag was implemented.

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.

In-app messaging 

  • In a nutshell: in-app chat is a "classic" chat deployed on your brand's mobile application. It offers your visitors and respondents the same possibilities and conversational excellence. If you have a mobile application, the in-app chat is often a must-have too.
  • Usage: same usage as classic chat (see above). Just as relevant on sales as on care, customers who have installed your app on their smartphone are more likely to be loyal customers or heavy users of your services.
  • Team type: just like "classic" chat, any type and size of team, including ibbü experts
  • Advantages: in addition to the advantages of classic chat, deploying chat on your mobile application allows you to offer a very good conversation experience to a customer segment already more engaged with your brand.
  • Important reminder: some development is required to integrate iAdvize into your mobile application. For more information, see the article dedicated to our mobile SDK.

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.

Call (immediate or delayed)

  • In a nutshell: this feature allows your visitors to be called by your consultants while browsing the site, and your respondents to manage the calls from their iAdvize console.
  • Usage: all types of usage from sales to care.
  • Type of team: the call is reserved for professional advisors. It is more relevant for large companies (capable of more availability, call management being quiet time consuming).
  • Assets: although it tends to become rarer, the telephone is still useful for "hot" situations where empathy is essential. It is also useful for accessibility.
  • Important reminder: it is a time-consuming channel for your consultants who can only handle one call at a time, possibly lasting an extended period of time.

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.


  • In a nutshell: iAdvize allows you to offer your website visitors an immersive experience, two-way or one-way (the visitor can turn off his camera). Video co-exists with chat (for example, to share product links).
  • Usage: video is particularly adapted for product demonstration, but also for innovative uses (e.g.: getting a quote for a move), with the objective of immersion for conversion.
  • Type of team: video is reserved for professional advisors, whether or not they work in a physical store. We advise you to reserve this channel for your advisors who are most comfortable with their subject.
  • Advantages: you can offer a very immersive and memorable experience to your customers, create a close relationship and increase the preference for your brand.
  • Important reminder: Using video often requires a calmer and/or more rewarding environment for your team, and advisors who are comfortable with their presentation.

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.

Messaging channels


  • In a nutshell: iAdvize allows you to have a conversation with your audience from the most popular messaging application in the world (over 4 billion users), just like your customers do with their friends and family. You can also engage them outside your website, by starting the conversation with a link or a QR code.
  • Usage: this channel is particularly relevant for care use cases (after-sales service, customer relations).
  • Team type: all types of respondents.
  • Strengths: this channel creates a genuine, close relationship with your audience - and a perfect channel for asynchronous conversations, as WhatsApp users are familiar with this type of interaction.
  • Important reminder: Meta (Facebook) allows you to respond to your customers within 24 hours. After this timeframe, your customer will have to confirm they wish to engage with you for the conversation to resume.

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.

Apple Messages for Business

  • In a nutshell: iAdvize allows you to communicate with your customers via Apple Messages for Business, the native iOS application, with a messaging experience of unprecedented quality.
  • Usage: this channel can be used in many different ways due to its comprehensive offering: payment and appointment booking are both possible directly from the conversation, which makes it a good fit for sales and care purposes.
  • Type of team: all types of respondents. Given the more premium nature of this channel and the Apple audience, we advise you to choose your most experienced respondents.
  • Strengths: Apple Messages for Business allows you to create a premium brand experience on iOS that is fully integrated into your customers' journey, allowing them to contact you on a web search, via geo-location, or even prior to a call. In addition, it allows you to address an audience whose shopping cart is on average three times higher than for Android users.
  • Important reminder: To ensure a premium experience, the conversational experience you want to deliver for your brand must be validated by Apple.

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.

Facebook Messenger

  • In a nutshell: Messenger is the second most popular messaging app worldwide, with over 1.3 billion users.
  • Usage: Customers often turn to this historical messaging channel to connect with a brand. Messenger is where they are most likely to find your brand and get an answer.
  • Team type: all types of respondents.
  • Strengths: this channel is still widely used and personal (your audience is identified with this channel).
  • Important reminder: the adoption of this channel is losing momentum with the new generations (Y and Z in particular).

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.

Text Messages

  • In a nutshell: you can engage your site visitors to start a conversation with your brand via SMS. This conversation will then take place like a “classic chat”.
  • Usage: this channel is more relevant for care uses (after-sales service, customer relations).
  • Type of team: all types of respondents. Note: without bots to start the conversation, your respondents must be available for the conversation to begin.
  • Advantages: SMS allows you to keep a link outside your website with an audience that cannot or does not want to use the most popular messaging applications: all they need is a phone number.
  • Important reminder: unlike other messaging channels, SMS does not allow the use of bots, nor the measurement of satisfaction with your customers.

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.

Google Business Messages

  • In a few words: iAdvize allows you to exchange with your customers via Google Business Messages and benefit from the contact points offered by the search engine.

  • Usage: this channel is particularly well suited to retail use, especially when supported by a network of shops (chat possible from Google Maps). However, the ubiquity of Google makes it relevant for all types of use (chat possible from search results).

  • Type of team: all types of respondents, including in-store respondents and bots.

  • Advantages: offering chat from the search results allows you to engage in conversation with visitors who are captured even before they visit your website. Offering messaging to Google maps users also provides a particularly relevant proximity experience if you combine it with geo-routing. 

  • Caution: Visitors who engage in conversation from a Google or Google Maps search are often looking for quick information, so it is important that respondents (humans or bots) are responsive.

Read the specific documentation related to this channel.