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The routing engine

The iAdvize routing engine enables you to send questions to the customer support agent most qualified to respond, no matter what channel you use. You can configure it in a few clicks. Find out how to use our routing engine


You should know that:

⚠️  All activated targeting rules must be associated with a routing rule.
⚠️  Routing groups are crucial for you to define which agents or experts will receive the conversations collected by your routing rules. Thus, it's essential for you to create one routing group for each type of respondent.


1. The overall functioning of the routing engine


2. Routing groups: organise your teams with ease

Thanks to the new routing groups available on our platform, you can organise your teams in a flexible way by grouping your agents according to their role (agent, supervisor or administrator), group (i.e: contact centre) or skills (i.e: mobile, photography).
This way, you have a clear and scalable vision which enables you to organise your teams according to your needs.


3. Routing rules: distribute your conversations

Our routing engine allows you to direct conversations from all your channels (Chat, Call, Video, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Text Messages) according to their targeting rules, to one or more routing rules.

4. Routing models: personalise the distribution of your conversations 

Routing rules are flexible and personalised. They enable you to accurately define how and to which respondent your conversations needs to be distributed via routing models.