Microsoft Azure OpenAI & iAdvize

To bring you the most powerful generative AI technology possible, iAdvize is partnering with Microsoft Azure OpenAI. This article looks at the implications of this partnership.

What applications of generative AI are available in iAdvize?

By using trusted generative AI via Shoppers Copilot you enable your bot to handle conversations autonomously: it generates its own answers based on visitors' questions and the information at its disposal, rather than using pre-written script responses.

Your advisors also benefit from generative AI support thanks to Agents Copilot features such as Smart Summary, answer suggestion and writing assistance.

How do these applications work?

  • iAdvize uses the API provided by Microsoft Azure OpenAI to run its generative AI technology.
  • its operating mode and security measures are distinct from public AI models.
  • the data collected from conversations will not be used to improve Microsoft Azure OpenAI products.
  • as generative AI is not infallible, we recommend that you carefully check its recommendations with a human.

Legal framework

  • The partnership between iAdvize and Microsoft Azure OpenAI complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI act).
  • Microsoft Azure OpenAI and iAdvize have signed a Data Processing Agreement.

Data retention and confidentiality

  • Microsoft Azure OpenAI servers are based in Europe and the UK (this article summarizes where iAdvize stores data relating to all its conversations).
  • Microsoft Azure OpenAI retains transferred data for a maximum of 30 days, for the sole purpose of monitoring misuse and fraud.
  • the data used will not be used to enhance Microsoft Azure OpenAI products.
  • more information on security is available on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI site.

Visitor information

Consent form


If you use a feature that makes use of generative AI, we advise you to mention this in the consent form displayed to your visitors, which you can customize in the "Legal information - RGPD and data protection" section of the iAdvize administration.


"Artificial Intelligence" section


Here's an example of a sample paragraph you can insert in the "Other information" section of the form:

"Data from conversations using generative AI may be transferred to Microsoft.


If so, this data will be stored in Europe on Microsoft servers for a maximum of 30 days, for the sole purpose of monitoring misuse and fraud, before being permanently deleted.

This data will not be used to train or enrich Microsoft's generative AI models."


"Recipient" section


In accordance with the paragraph suggested above, we recommend that you add Microsoft to the data recipients in the dedicated section.


Start of conversation


For greater transparency and to prepare visitors for their experience, we recommend that you mention the nature of the bot and its generative AI at the start of its scenario.

Thus, the default message proposed in the solution introduces the bot and encourages them to take its advice with caution:

"Hello, I'm a personal assistant with advanced artificial intelligence. I know a lot, but I'm not infallible! How can I help you?"


Respondent information


As with any other tool used by your company, we advise you to communicate with your respondent team members about how their data is stored by iAdvize or any other party (details of information in this article).


In the case of exchanges involving generative AI:


  • iAdvize stores conversation data and exchanges with Copilot.
  • this data is also stored in Europe on Microsoft servers for a maximum of 30 days.
  • administrators and managers do not currently have access to exchanges between respondents and Copilot.