Hide the confidential information of your visitors

From the conversation panel, it is possible to view the navigation of the visitor you're speaking to (mirroring). However, for confidentiality reasons and to be GDPR compliant, sometimes not all of the information given by the visitor may be shown.


This video explains how to limit the display of the information entered by the visitor.


  • If you want to hide from the agent's et expert's conversation panel some page elements which you consider confidential, you simply need to add the attribute class="idz_hide" to the HTML element.

  • If you want to hide only in the expert conversation panel some page elements which you consider confidential, simply add the attribute class="idz_hide_expert" on the element to hide

NB: If elements are hidden with idz_hide_expert, the pro agent (agent role) will see them but they will be hidden for an expert (expert role)


The information hidden by this CSS class will actually be blocked by the iAdvize servers, which means the information contained in the element will not be transmitted to the agent's conversation panel.

Depending on the element on which you apply this class, the behaviour will vary.

1. When applying this class to an input text element

The content typed by the visitor in the input field will be replaced by dots (as when you type a password), and in cobrowsing mode, the agent will not be able to edit this field.

Example :
<input type="text" id="card" name="card" class="idz_hide" />

How it will be displayed on the conversation panel :


And here is how it looks on this conversation panel when applying this class to other form elements :


2. When applying this class on an HTML element, other than the input (div/p/span/...)

The content of the element will be replaced by an empty block having the same size. If the block's size is under 50px/50px, a grey space will be displayed.
But if the block's size is above 50px/50px, a padlock will be displayed to show that confidential data has been cleared from the page.

Example :
<div class="idz_hide">
All this content won't be visible on the conversation panel through the mirroring/cobrowsing function

How it will be displayed on the conversation panel :


3. Hide bank details - Bank cards and IBAN

Credit card or IBAN number filled in by the visitor during a chat* conversation are hidden.

Bank card/IBAN: this is how it will look like within the chat conversation panel, conversation history/chat conversation sent by e-mail:

(view from the conversation panel)


*This option is enabled for chat conversations, however not for social and 3rd party channels (Messenger, Whatsapp, etc..)


 It will not work with a fake card number that contains too many instances of the same number, e.g. 1111 2222 3333 4444


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