Integrated Desk

The "desk" is a tool designed for advisors, referring to the dashboard they use to interact with visitors on your site.


This feature is a major milestone in integrating CRM solutions into your company. By incorporating the iAdvize desk directly into your external tools via an iFrame, you can access it directly from any tool.
The Embedded Desk feature transforms your user experience by making navigation between systems more seamless and intuitive. It allows you to maximize your efficiency by simplifying the management of interactions with visitors and significantly improving team responsiveness.


NB : This solution does not apply to Coheris and SD CRMs, which already have dedicated connectors.


To implement this integration in D365, you need to:

  • Create the iFrame in D365, choosing the iAdvize login page as the source.
  • Add a button to expand the iAdvize desk when needed and to minimize it when the advisor needs to focus on D365.


When the desk is minimized, this is what you see:

Here is what it looks like when you expand the desk window:


If you are using D365 Channel Integration Framework v2 (CIF v2), you will need to:


  • Create a new HTML page with an iFrame with our login page as the source and add the following script to the HTML page:
<script type="text/javascript" src="-DYNAMICS-WEB-URL/webresources/Widget/msdyn_ciLibrary.js" data-crmurl="DYNAMICS-WEB-URL" data-cifid="CIFMainLibrary"></script>
  • Host this newly created HTML page.
  • Use the hosted page as the source for the D365 iFrame.

Finally, to add some interactions between D365 and iAdvize Desk, you need to:

  • Show/hide the iAdvize desk when conversations arrive on the desk or when there are no more conversations.
  • Open the D365 record of the visitor in conversation on the desk.
  • Synchronize iAdvize availability with another system.
  • Save the conversation history in the D365 record of the visitor.

To implement this integration in Salesforce, please refer to our dedicated article.