The mobile conversation panel

The mobile conversation panel has the same functionalities as the desktop conversation panel.

As a iAdvize mobile app user, your main interface will be the "Chats" Tab on the iAdvize app. You can receive conversations from Chats, Video and Social and third parties channels (FB, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS). Here's an overview of the information and features offered to you on this tab. 

With the extension of the disconnection time, agents can receive new conversations when the iAdvize app is in the background.
To know more : Expand disconnection time on mobile app

1. Features

  • Forward pupitre-mobile-tranfert-ico-FR04.PNG : Forward a visitor from the ibbü or iAdvize mobile app to an agent whether on a mobile or on the desktop web.
  • Snooze pupitre-mobile-pause-ico-FR05.PNG : It will allow agents to put a conversation aside for a given period of time or until the visitor replied to the conversation.
  • End a conversation pupitre-mobile-close-ico-FR012.PNG : tap on this icon to end a conversation with a visitor and be available for another conversation.
  • Type of conversation : Add a tag at the end of a conversation.
  • Block a visitor : This option allows you to block a visitor who annoys you (malicious comments, repeated contact etc...).
  • Mirroring pupitre-mobile-mirroring-ico-FR011.PNG : this feature allows you to see in real-time the page visitors are currently looking at.
  • Load past conversation : Click on the button on top.
  • Camera pupitre-mobile-photo-ico-FR13.PNG : by clicking on this icon, you can either take a picture and send it to your visitors or choose an image from your gallery to help your interlocutors.
  • Attachments pupitre-mobile-pj-ico-FR011.PNG : this icon enables you to send PDF documents within your conversations to support visitors (i.e. you can send online instruction manuals this way. Only the PDF format is supported, in addition to the image formats available in the photo library).
  • Canned answers : these automatic answer suggestions enable you to respond faster to your visitors. You can create/edit/delete canned answers.
  • Night mode : this option is available for your visual comfort.
  • Translation tool : this feature allows you to translate your messages between you and the visitor, when the visitor writes in a language that you do not master.
  • Copilot for agents : this feature, linked to Generative AI, enables your agents to find information quickly, obtain ready-to-use answers or improve the style of their answers. Learn more about this feature.

1 - Conversation (1).png9 - (Bonus) Tap on plus button (1).png


1.1 Focus on the "snooze" button

By clicking on the snooze button pupitre-mobile-pause-ico-FR05.PNG It is then possible to snooze a conversation for a certain length of time (3 hours, 24 hours, or custom). The conversation in progress will disappear from the conversation panel. 

2 - Snooze (1).png

If you activate the option "keep this conversation when the snooze period ends", the conversation will reappear on you mobile conversation panel after the snooze expires, if you are available at that time

To know more about the snooze button on desktop

If you choose a custom time period of snooze, select the day and month and the hours you wish, then click on snooze.

3 - Snooze - Custom date (1).png


1.2 Focus on the type of conversation (tag)

At the end of a chat, you will be able to add a conversation tag* in order to qualify it. Click on "Add a tag" and the list of chat types will appear.

*This option may be mandatory depending on the administrator's configuration.

4 - Tags (1).png


1.3 Focus on the translation tool

The translation tool appears as soon as you enter text in the compose box.

5 - Translation (2).png

To translate your message before sending it, click on the translation icon, then activate the translation by clicking on the source and target languages.

You can also change the source and target languages from the translation icon.

6 - Translation - Settings access (1).png7 - Translation - Settings (1).png

In order to avoid having to translate each message manually, you can activate the option "Automatically translate visitor messages" in the translation settings.


2. Push notifications

You receive push notifications : 

- When you receive new messages or a new conversation. You then have 30s to answer the first message of the visitor. After 30s it will be pushed to another respondent.

- When you receive a new satisfaction score. 

- For the livefeed

NB: If you are currently chatting with a visitor, in this case, you don't receive any push notifications


For Android , you need to configure your notifications following the process describe in this external article.


For the chat channel, the green or red dot indicates if the visitor is still online or not

Plan de travail 1.jpg

3. The "No internet connection" message

When you are experiencing connection problems, an alert message appears on your app.

8 - No connection (2).png


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