The visitor's page remains blank on the conversation panel

In some cases, it is possible that the page accessed by the visitor is not properly replicated on your conversation panel, leaving a completely blank background. This phenomenon may occur for the following reasons.

1. Poor HTML structure of the page viewed by the visitor

In order for the replication of the visitor's page to be carried out within the iAdvize conversation panel, it is strongly advised to ensure that the HTML structure of the pages of your website is as close as possible to the W3C standards:

  • all tags must be valid
  • all tag pairs must be closed (e.g. <div> ... </div>)
  • the tree must respect a valid hierarchy  (<div><span><p> ... </p></span><div> )

In case these conditions are not met, the HTML tree is reconstructed by the browser. But it is possible that during replication, certain items that do not meet the foregoing conditions are not similar, leading to errors and the display of a blank page/blank areas.

2. Slow connection

If you are equipped with an unstable or slow Internet connection (< ADSL or shared by a large number of users), the loading time required for replication of the visitor's page will be much longer.

3. Considerable weight of the page viewed by the visitor

If the weight of the page accessed by the visitor is greater than 2 Mb, the time required to replicate it will be much longer, and even more in the case of a slow connection.

4. You are using an old web browser

If the web browser you are using within the conversation panel is Internet Explorer 8 (or older), the replication time of the visitor's page is considerably higher. In fact, the method used for the replication of DOM (HTML structure of the visitor's page) is not the same (diff text) and its processing time is greater.

Note : The list of browsers supported by iAdvize will be updated soon. Find more details in this article

. Use of prototype.js 1.6.1 library (or older) 

Despite all the iAdvize's efforts to minimise this type of conflict, certain third-party libraries (prototype.js <= 1.6.1) potentially used on your site can override the definition of certain javascript methods (e.g. Array.prototype.toJSON) used by iAdvize cobrowsing.
 As a result, a "parse error" can occur, provoking a blank page displayed in the background instead of the page viewed by the visitor.


6. iAdvize requests are filtered by certain elements (proxy, firewall)

It is then necessary to change certain network settings (opening ports, the iAdvize domain, modification of the timeout of your proxy).

The changes to be made ​​are detailed in this article.

7. What to do if the problem persists?

Given the large number of causes, either linked to your website or the quality of your connection, that can provoke these malfunctions, please contact your technical teams in order to study possible solutions.

And of course, do not hesitate to contact our support team as well!


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