The chat does not appear on my webpage: what should I do?


You have integrated the iAdvize chat on your website, but you notice that it does not display correctly on the page.

Here are some checks you can make:

1. Preliminary Check

First of all, ensure that the iAdvize tag is correctly integrated into the source code of your page.
You will find more information about the iAdvize tag in this article.

2. Chat configuration

2.1. Ensure that the chat configuration is correct

2.2. Check the targeting rules

Identify the targeting rule that concerns the page you are on and isolate the conditions that determine the trigger for display:

Capture d’écran 2024-07-05 à 11.36.59.png

Then verify that you meet all the conditions.


2.3. Check for connected and available agents

Check the availability according to the routing rule linked to the previously found targeting rule.



Example : Here the routing rule is “Distribute to bot” and probably sends the chats to a bot. You can check the availability of this bot on the supervision page.


In the case where the routing rule sends to a group of agents, you can find this rule in the Routing tab of the Engagement section:


After finding the routing rule, you can identify a routing group to which this rule will send the conversations.

By clicking on Routing Rule, you will be able to access these groups and see the concerned agents:


If no agent is connected, the chatbox will not appear.


Also, check the language of the connected agents: if the user trying to access the chat is English but the available agents have only French enabled, the chat window will not display.


2.4. Check that the URL of your project is not too restrictive

Make sure not to enter a too specific URL in the Address field. Some pages not containing the same URL would have no chat display.


You can find more information on this subject in this article.


3. Tests on different browsers and devices

Try testing the site on different browsers and devices; it may come from a specific configuration of your browser (Update, VPN, ad blocker, etc.).

4. Code-related issues

Check that there are no conflicts between your code and that of iAdvize and that the implemented tag is correct.

5. Is the iAdvize platform functioning properly?

Go to the page to check that no incidents are ongoing.

If everything is green: it's all good!

6. technical support

If your problem persists, do not hesitate to contact technical support or ask your question to our RobbAi.

To send us your request immediately, click here!