The Team Activity report - Responsiveness

The responsiveness report allows you to analyse in greater detail different key indicators when using iAdvize. Data such as response time for the first visitor message, average response time and handling time have an impact on global visitor satisfaction.

1. Accessing the responsiveness report

To access a responsiveness report, go to Reports > Team activity then choose the Responsiveness report.


2. Consulting responsiveness data

The operator responsiveness report allows you to monitor times linked to different key indicators.

The page you see consists of 4 elements:


(1) The filter selection: 

Filter data based on results desired. You can apply a filter by channel, project, type of view (agent, skill, contact topic, targeting rule, page type) and date. 

(2) The indicators:

You will find the list of indicators in this report and what they correspond to in the article definition of indicators.


NB: When Agent A receives a conversation and transfers it to Agent B or snooze it without having responded, the conversation of Agent A will be counted in the Unanswered Initiated Contact Report.

(3) The graphics:

These show the evolution of indicators as well as the percentage distribution according to the selected view at a glance (agent, targeting rule, etc.)

(4) The data table:

This presents detailed numerical data in the form of a table. You can check the details of each line by clicking on the "pen" icon or exporting the table in CSV format using this icon .