The Customer Experience report

The customer experience report gives you an idea of how your visitors perceived their exchange with your respondents on iAdvize. To make the most of it, we strongly recommend that you activate the satisfaction survey that will be presented to them at the end of all their conversations. 

1. The report indicators

The report show you four indicators, as well as the answers given to the open question.

The following video presents the satisfaction indicators in detail: CSAT, NPS and open-ended question:


2. Nuances of interpretation


  • your visitors may choose not to complete the survey, or not to see it (they may have left your site before your respondents closed the conversation).
  • they may start the survey but not complete it (in this case, iAdvize still keeps all completed responses).
  • a visitor may be happy with the conversation and your brand, but also be happy with the exchange, without being happy with your brand or without recommending it: a high CSAT does not always mean a high NPS.
  • on the other hand, an unsatisfactory exchange (low CSAT) is very likely to impact the brand image (low NPS)! This is why it is important to train your respondents and to create the conditions for a good conversational experience.
  • Each satisfaction rating is associated to all respondents who have processed the conversation, and a visitor who gives you feedback on his experience is likely to respond to you on the whole of his experience, which may include other contacts or a waiting time.

3. Carry out your analysis

As with all other iAdvize reports, filters allow you to further analyze your results, for example to:

  • examine the first response time and the resolution time according to the satisfaction scores to check that your visitors are waiting a reasonable time.
  • compare results by respondent or respondent group.
  • if you use a bot, compare the results according to the degree of automation of your conversations.
  • compare your results by channel: chat, video, messaging applications...
  • consult the answers to the open questions according to the satisfaction score obtained.
  • to better understand the satisfaction scores obtained, access all the conversations through the links to the Conversations report:


4. Your tracks for improvement 

If you feel that your customer experience results can be improved, here are a few ways to do so: 

  • to avoid bad experiences due to bad use of the iAdvize tool (long waiting times, interruptions) a webinar dedicated to the discovery of iAdvize is available on iAdvize Academy: your teams can train.
  • once the iAdvize tool is well understood, you can also train your respondents to good practices (responsiveness and time to respect, conversation steps, relationship) thanks to dedicated courses, also available on iAdvize Academy.