Sales / Monitoring transactions - Technical constraints

The iAdvize conversion tag has been set up but you have noticed some discrepancies with Google Analytics? Here are some of the reasons that can explain why the transactions haven't been recorded by iAdvize.

1. Installation problem of the iAdvize main tag

Both of the conversion and the main iAdvize tag work together.
Please ensure that both of them are to be found on the payment confirmation page of your website.

2. Using an external payment solution

If you are using an external payment solution, the client is entering his banking data on another website (Paypal, Mercanet, CyberPlus Paiement, E-transactions, CyberMut...).

Due to security reasons, the iAdvize conversions tag can't be installed on those pages.
That's why iAdvize can't record the transactions until the client leaves this page and comes back to your website.
Therefore, the visitor has to be redirected to the payment confirmation page of your website. iAdvize will then be able to record the transaction.

To be sure that the visitor doesn't leave the website before having been redirected, please ensure that the redirecting timeframe isn't too long.

Please note that some of the analytics solutions are linked to external payment gateways, which don't wait for the redirection to record the transaction. This different working process can generate discrepancies between the recorded data.

3. Data mismatch between iAdvize and Google Analytics

iAdvize and your Analytics tool may use different recording methods.

The iAdvize sales reports are based on the transactions recorded thanks to the conversion tag installed on your payment confirmation page. These raw data aren't related to the visitor.

On the other hand, Google Analytics can generate sales reports based on precise criteria (unique visitor, ip, method of payment, etc).

Please ensure that you are not using filters on Google Analytics and that you are only displaying the raw data.