Select experts for your ibbü campaign

After having created and launched an ibbü campaign, you would probably like to see the profile of experts who have asked to join your campaign and select some profiles to add them to your pool of experts. 

If you do not know how to do it, you are in the right place and should read the following article! ;-) 

1. Log in to the ibbü platform

First of all, to land on the ibbü management campaign page, log in to the administration on the iAdvize platform and click on ibbü's logo at the upper right-hand corner. 


2. Go to the details page of a campaign

You are on the campaign management page which lists all the ibbü campaigns you have created. 

On this page, you can easily know: 

  • if your campaigns are active or not
  • how many experts are on a campaign
  • and how many profiles are waiting for an answer from you (this figure is displayed within the blue bubble which flashes on the right corner of a campaign card).

If you want to manage applications, click on the campaign card in order to see it in details. 

3. Approve or reject requests from experts to join your campaign 

When you want to manage the different applications on your campaigns, you have 3 possibilities. 

  • reject an application, in this case, the expert will no longer be able to chat for this campaign
  • validate their profile. As soon as the campaign has been launched, the expert will receive new chat conversations on the discussion panel in the ibbü platform. 
  • wait a little longer before examining applications. This way, you keep interesting profiles for when you want to expand your ibbü community. 

4. Monitor the statistics of ibbü experts who chat for your campaigns in real-time 

Once your campaign has been launched and your pool of experts selected, monitor your campaign statistics on the iAdvize administration. 

Then, you can have a look at the same statistics for ibbü experts and professional agents via the Reporting tab.