Our recommendations regarding cookies

Following its recommendations (in french) of October 2020, the CNIL published on February 19 a notice on the management of cookies, which aims to give Internet users better control over the data collected during their browsing.

Like other services associated with your site, iAdvize uses a cookie (iadvize-SID_NUMBER-vuid).

1. What are the possibilities to allow you to continue to offer iAdvize conversations to your visitors?

  • Option 1: Make iAdvize a category of essential services exempt from consent.
    In this case, you ensure that the iAdvize button can be displayed for all your visitors and that they will always have the possibility to chat with you. Our cookie is indeed essential for the personalization of the user interface:

      • This cookie is related to the display and behaviour of the chatbox< on the website.
      • The associated data is used to personalize the chatbox and the visitor experience.

  • Option 2: Propose a mode “explicit consent” by adding a new parameter to your iAdvize tag
    This mode allows you to continue offering a conversational experience to 100% of your visitors, whether they refuse or accept the iAdvize cookie while respecting the requirements of the CNIL.

    - A parameter is added to the iAdvize tag to prevent the default display of the iAdvize cookie as soon as visitors arrive on your website.
    - Your website will then simply need to call an additional script to consider your visitors' initial choice whether or not to accept the iAdvize cookie.

    The consequence is that regardless of the visitor’s consent, he or she will still be eligible for the iAdvize commitment and may be offered to the chat.
    - Visitors who accept the iAdvize cookie will immediately receive an iAdvize vuID cookie and iAdvize will collect useful information about their browsing and potential purchase, as before.
    - Visitors who do not consent to this cookie setting will not have a cookie set until they decide to start a conversation and, therefore, iAdvize will not track any browsing or purchase data from them.


  • Option 3: Place iAdvize is a non-core service category.
    If you refuse to set our cookie as an essential service exempt from consent, and if your visitors choose to decline this cookie or all those present on your site, you will have to prevent the display of iAdvize and your visitors will no longer be able to interact with your brand. This can be set in your Tag Manager.


2. Our cookie recommandations

  • We use only one cookie: iadvize-SID_NUMBER-vuid (required for iAdvize to work on your site).
  • Our cookie has an expiration date of 12 months.
  • This type of cookie is limited to a single website (unlike advertising cookies, they do not track your visitors on other websites).
NB: Before March 31, 2021 iAdvize used other cookies such as vvc and last. They only triggered a minor fraction of our conversations (less than 1%).
Therefore, we have deactivated them to minimize data, better comply with the recommendations of the CNIL and be even more consistent with our privacy policy.

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