Create pre-recorded links

During discussions with your visitors, you have surely needed to transfer a link to a product sheet or your terms and conditions. Rather than copy/pasting the link into the discussion, we suggest pre-recording it. The link is then integrated ergonomically, for increased visitor comfort.

1. Creating pre-recorded links

Pre-recorded links are managed from the Content section. Go to "People", then "Content" and select "Links" in the dropdown menu :

Here you can consult all existing links :

On this page you can:

  • Manage and create a new link (1): 3 icons to manage categories, settings and create a new link
  • Search for and sort links (2): by applying filters by category, or searching by name or url
  • Edit or delete an existing link (3): Click the icon icon-suppr.png to delete a link permanently. To edit a link, click icon-edit.png

2. Adding a pre-recorded link

Note: Before adding links, we recommend to create categories that will allow you to classify them.

To add a new link, you simply need to select the category to which you want to add it and type the content of the link (name + URL) or click on +

It is also possible to add a pre-recorded link directly from the conversation panel (cf 4. Sending a pre-recorded link from the conversation panel).

3. Pre-recorded links settings

You can access the settings page from this icon :

On this page, you can define how the links will be accessed from the conversation panel :

  • Sorting order for pre-recorded links (1) : Allows to modify the display order of links in the link sending window, shown on the conversation panel.
  • Ranking pre-recorded link categories (2) : Allows to modify the display order of categories in the link sending window, shown on the conversation panel.

4. Sending a pre-recorded link from the conversation panel

From the conversation panel, below the compose box, click on the "Links" button.


The link sending window will open. It is composed of 3 elements :


  • Search tool (1) which allows you to find a link quickly by searching for its name, or sorting them by criterion or category.
  • Search result (2) which displays the link(s) you searched for. Send the link to the visitor by clicking the icon send-link-03-fleche.png
  • Use this form (3) to send a link which has not previously been recorded and select the "Add this link to the pre-recorded link list" box if you wish to add it to your list of existing links.

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