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Create and manage the discussion types

When a conversation is ended, the agent can tag the discussion using conversation types. These types (also called discussion types) then allow statistical data to be extracted according to the conversation topic.


1. Managing discussion types

1.1 Add a new discussion type
Click on "People" -> "Content" and select "Type of conversation" on the dropdown menu located in the upper left-hand corner.
Click on the  to add a new type
type-discussion1-EN.pngEnter the name of the new conversation type and choose if it should be used by your agents, by the experts or both. (only visible if the Community or Ibbü have been activated in your account).

2. Edit conversation types

Click on the to modify the name or the availability of a conversation type.


3. Put a conversation type OFF

You don't have the possibility to delete completely the conversation types. However, you can switch them ON or OFF  so that they will keep on being display in your statistics but the agents won't see them in their conversation panel. Once a conversation type has been deactivated, the agent can't select it anymore in the dropdown menu. 


4. Allow agents to qualify conversations when they close a conversation

Activate the option. 2 options are available in the setting of types of discussion at the end of a chat. To do this, please click on the parametres.png button

- Makes it compulsory for agents to qualify conversations when they close a conversation
- Allow agents to create new types of conversations when they close a conversation



5. Using conversation types

When a conversation is being closed (or at a later point, from the chat logs), the agent is asked to tag the conversation. This step consists of tagging the conversation using one or more types, and also adding an end of discussion note if necessary.
These actions are available for agents using the Desktop or Mobile application of iAdvize and IBBÜ.

This is when the discussion types are used.

Display on Desktop:


Display on mobile:



Note: it is possible to force agents to use at least one discussion type. It is also possible to prevent them from creating new types. To do this, please contact the iAdvize support team.

A Manager or Administrator can also tag a conversation afterwards : 
Reports -> Conversations -> Edit a conversation 

... and can also remove unsuitable labels. 

6. Take advantage of the conversation types

If the conversations have been tagged, you can filter your reports by type and highlight productivity factors.