Create pre-recorded (canned) responses

It is possible to add pre-recorded responses (canned responses), which enable you to respond more quickly to visitors' frequently asked questions. They are easily accessible from the iAdvize conversation panel.

1. Creating canned responses

Canned responses are managed from the Content. Go to "People", then "Content" and select Canned responses in the dropdown menu : 

Here you can consult all existing responses:

On this page you can:

  • Manage and create a new canned response (1) : 3 pictogrammes to manage categories, settings and create a new canned reponse.
  • Search for and sort responses (2) : by filtering responses by category, or searching the content of existing response
  • Edit or delete a response (3) : Click on the icon-suppr.png icon to permanently delete a response. To edit a response, click the icon-edit.png icon

2. Adding a canned response

Note: Before adding responses, you should first create categories to organise them.

To add a new response, you simply need to select the category (1) to which it will be assigned, then enter the content of the response (2) and to whom you would make them available (3) :

3. Adjusting the settings of pre-recorded responses

You can access the settings page from this icon :

On this page, you can define how the responses will be accessed from the conversation panel :


  • Autocomplete (1) : once this option has been activated, responses will be suggested automatically depending on what you have typed in the conversation panel (see example above)
  • Sort order for canned responses (2) : Allows the display order of responses in the menu accessible from the conversation panel to be changed (by alphabetical order, or by date of creation).
  • Sort order for answer categories (3) : Allows the display order of response categories in the menu accessible from the conversation panel to be changed (manual sorting, by alphabetical order, or by date of creation).
  • Smart Answers (4) : Smart Responses will help you to optimise your response time and to improve your website customer experience

4. Display on the conversation panel

There are two ways to access pre-recorded responses via the conversation panel :

4.1 Via the response selection menu

From the conversation panel, click bouton_canned.png to show the menu containing the canned responses. These are shown as follows :


The categories will then appear. Click one of the categories to view the canned answers.


4.2 Via automatic response suggestion

If the autocomplete option "Display canned responses when typing a new message" is selected in settings (see point 4 below), you simply have to start typing a message and the responses containing what you have typed will be suggested :


4.3 Use custom canned answers

Agents and experts can save and manage custom canned answers. During a conversation, they can then use these canned answers just like they can use common canned answers. To know more, please read this article : Use custome canned answers

4.4 Add emojis to your canned answers

To add emojis to your canned answers, please create them in :XXXX: format.


To get the emoji in :XXXX: format, please copy/paste the code that appears in the compose box of the conversation panel, when you point the mouse on an emoji.

For example for the emoji "wink", the code is ":wink:"


Once the canned answer with the emoji is created, you can select it from the conversation panel, it gives :


5. The canned responses for your community

When a community is activated on your website, you can make the difference between the canned responses of your agents or your expert (community).

6. Examples of canned responses


- Hello/Hi, my name is {OP_pseudo} (the agent’s username will automatically load) - Hello, my name is {OP_pseudo}, from Y. I’m here to help.
- Hello, I’m {OP_pseudo}, how can I help?- Hello you’re speaking to {OP_pseudo}.
- Hi, thank you for using Y Chat, you're speaking to {OP_pseudo}.
- Good morning, you're speaking with {OP_pseudo}.

You can insert dynamically the name or username of an agent (except IBBÜ and Community experts) in the message, by calling the tags {OP_name} or {OP_pseudo}. In this case, the name or username of the agent will appear in the auto-reply.


Just a few seconds please...

- Please bear with me just one second, I’m going to check that information. - One moment and I will find this out for you.
- Thank you for your patience, I’ll just check that information.
- Thank you for the information, I’ll check that straight away.
- I won’t keep you one moment.

Anything else?

- Is there anything else I can help you with today?
- Can I help you with anything else?
- If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to come back to me.


- So I can check your order, can I please take your your name, address and postcode?
- Can you confirm your full name, billing and email address for me please?


- I am sorry to hear this.
- I am sorry for any disappointment this has caused you.
- I apologize for any inconvenience.
- That sounds really frustrating. Can you run me through exactly what seems to be happening?
- Oh no, that's not what we want to happen at all! No worries though, if you can take your order number and I.D, that should be fine...
- Not to worry I can look into this, if you could pop over your full name, email and billing address please. I'll see what I can do.


- Thank you for using our live chat service, have a great day/weekend/evening/afternoon!
- Thanks for taking the time to contact us. Have a nice day.
- Thank you for using Y Chat, we look forward to seeing you again soon!
- I would like to know how I did today, please can you complete the survey that will appear at the end of this chat? Bye for now and have a lovely weekend
- Please do not hesitate to contact us if there’s anything else you need.
- Bye for now and have a lovely afternoon/day/evening.


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