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Use custom canned answers

Agents and experts can save and manage custom canned answers. During a conversation, they can then use these canned answers just like they can use common canned answers created by an administrator or a manager on the iAdvize platform.

1/ Management tool

1.1/ Access

There are two ways to access the custom canned answers management tool. 

1.1.1/ Using the conversation panel menu 

Click on the menu in the top right-hand corner of your conversation panel and choose "Manage canned answers".

1.1.2/ Using the selector in the text input field

When you're handling a conversation, you can click on the menu allowing you to select canned answers per category and then click on the "Manage" button.

1.2/ Manage your categories

In the management tool, select "Categories" in the menu in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

1.2.1/ Add a category

Enter the name of your new category in the text input field and press enter or click on the green button. Your category has been successfully added.


1.2.2/ Edit a category

To rename an existing category, click on the pencil icon on its right, edit the text and validate the new name of your category. Click on the cross icon to cancel your changes.

1.2.3/ Delete a category

To delete a category and all the canned answers associated with it, click on the trash-can icon on its right, then validate your action by clicking on the "Yes" button.


1.3/ Manage your answers

In the management tool, select "Canned answers" in the menu in the top-left corner of your screen.

1.3.1/ Add an answer

Select a category, write your answer in the text input field and validate it. The category remains selected, allowing you to write several answers in a row.


1.3.2/ Edit an answer

To edit an existing answer, click on the pencil icon on its right. You can modify the text of this answer and the category associated with it. Confirm or click on the cross icon to cancel your changes.


1.3.3/ Delete an answer

To delete an answer, click on the trash-can icon on its rights, then validate your action by clicking on the "Yes" button. You can also delete all the answers associated with a category by deleting said category.

2/ Quick add

During a conversation, you can save the answer you've just sent to a visitor. Hover your cursor over the answer to display a "+" icon on its left and click on it. On the window that appears, select one of your custom categories, modify the text of the answer if necessary, and save your edits by validating them.

3/ Use your custom canned answers

3.1/ Selection per category

When you are on the chat window, now you can see your custom canned answers as well as the common canned answers.
Click on the button next to the text input field - on the right for professional agents or the black "+" icon on the left for independent experts - and navigate through the categories using your mouse or keyboard arrows to select the appropriate answer.

3.2/ Auto-completion

The auto-completion only works if you have activated this feature on your website. If it has been activated, when you start writing answers, it suggests you the closest common and custom canned answers available above the text input field. Browse through the different canned answers with the keyboard arrows or click on the one that best suits your needs to integrate it with your answer.